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Does Kirschenbaum Contract cover PA Home Improvement Law and what about other state laws 
March 21, 2023
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Does Kirschenbaum Contract cover PA Home Improvement Law and what about other state laws
          I searched "HICPA contract requirements" and got this. (PA)
          I imagine you are basing your contract on 517.7 (Home improvement contracts", and specifically section e (voidable clauses). See items e-1, e-4, and maybe even e-9 (there are others too).
          Is the only way around this is if the monitoring contract was not considered part of a home improvement.  I am interested in understanding why this doesn't apply to monitoring.  Could you please explain? 
Bart Weiner, Senior Account Executive
COPS Monitoring
800 367 2677
609 670 9696 cell
          Pennsylvania’s Home Improvement Law [for consumer residential customers] does indeed apply to the alarm industry; the law covers security systems.  Other states do not include alarm systems in the definition of home improvement. 
          The Kirschenbaum Contracts™ are sold to and in use by alarm companies in every state in the United States.  Although these are Standardized Form Agreement we constantly and continuosly update the contracts and we do customize them for each client and we make modifications when necessary to comply with the client’s home state.  Pennsylvania is a particular state where the Residential All in One had to separate the Arbitration Provision as separate Rider.  Other changes were also necessary and they have been made.
          When you order a Standardize Agreement from K&K we check your local state law for modifications.
          The specific sections Bart refers to include indemnity clause, waiver of jury trial or wavier of liability in connection with collection of debt or repossession of goods.  These and other provisions have been considered in the Standard Residential All in One in Pennsylvania. 
          So does this law apply to monitoring centers, like COPS?  What if the customer is a residential customer?  The answer is that the PA Home Improvement Law does not apply to COPS because the monitoring service provided by COPS does not fall into any of the categories enumerated in the statute as constituting improvement to the real property. 
          See you at COPS booth at ISC

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