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Do you need to issue warning re data bus issue / Comments on Zwirn’s non-conforming control units 
March 17, 2021
Do you need to issue warning re Zwirn’sdata bus issue
            Can you review and comment on this 'first draft' of an advisory we plan on including in our next subscriber communication.
            "The security alarm industry has been recently advised that the functionality of certain combination burglary+fire alarm panels, manufactured by Honeywell, Ademco, DSC and others, may be compromised if it's data bus or other wiring is damaged, such as by fire or other events.
            Should this occur, the associated alarm system could be unable to sound any alarm and/or transmit any alarm or other signal to the monitoring station.
            This recent advisory is not universally accepted within the security alarm industry, but is provided to you out of an abundance of caution on our part. 
Our records do not readily indicate whether your alarm system is at risk due to the claimed vulnerability, but you should assume that it is.
            While the advisory is debated within the industry, we are investigating options to address the claimed vulnerability. Initially, we are advised by one vendor that modifications to your alarm system may be available, which could address the claimed vulnerability, although at a considerable cost, presently estimated at $750 or more.
            Should you desire such modifications be made, or for more information, please let us know."
anon in California
            There is legitimate controversy regarding the efficacy of the fire alarm panels, and while Jeff Zwirn has raised convincing concerns others with equal qualifications have expressed different opinions.  Warning customers now may not be required.  If you want to suggest a change in equipment you may be faced with the question of why you chose that equipment in the first place.
            I am not technical and taking no sides.  The proposed letter is fine.
Comments on Zwirn’s non-conforming control units
            It seems the design failures of the control system tested by Mr. Zwirn is an important issue.  We all appreciate you giving this story some legs.  However, I cannot find information detailing the exact control panel and manufacture date.   This DSC Power Series Pro has older versions with slightly different names that appear to me to be quite identical. 
            I admit to lacking great search skills on the web, but I have been unable to find an inclusive date of manufacture on your site or his.  Some of your readers will have ‘taken over’ these systems over the years.  Are you aware of any further information that might detail the product in question and help us help our customers with notification of the problem?  Thanks in advance
Zeke Lay
            Where can we go to get a list of all the panels that are affected?  Thanks 
Maybe I missed one of your articles that told us but I don't miss many of your emails and have not seen it.
            Thanks again.
Wanna make it safe in SC
            I think Jeff Zwirn mentioned manufactures in his webinar, which you can watch at  The 2-16-21 webinar.

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