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Do contracts need special provision for video access / ISC Schedule
February 17, 2024
ISC schedule
    I'll be at ISC in April and again sponsoring and conducting informative meeting.  Vendors who wish K&K to schedule meetings for them should contact Stacy Spector,Esq at 516 747 6700 x 304 or now.  Dealers who want to participate in private meetings with me or vendors listed on The Alarm Exchange should also contact Stacy to schedule a time.  Meetings [private and group meetings on scheduled topics] will be schedule for half to one hour, without charge, and conducted at the Palazzo Prestige Lounge.  Times and schedule is limited so please contact Stacy soon as possible to request a topic or schedule an appointment.
Do contracts need special provision for video access
          I am a user of your contracts and would not be without them.  We are a small company; three tech/installers and my question is this: I don't have a policy for the technicians having access to our customer's monitored security, video or access systems.  I believe they have access to them on their phones and iPads.  Do you provide a form/contract and/or a policy that we should be using requiring the customer's permission each time we are asked to access remotely?  I'd like to remain anonymous.
Thank You,
          The printed Standard Form Agreements have many provisions, but not every conceivable component or service is identified; that’s what the Schedule of Equipment and Services is for.  That schedule is essentially a blank page; you fill it out.  Many companies use a proposal that they have provided to the customer to promote the job which usually specifies all the services and equipment. 
          Your techs have access to customer systems and that includes the video.  Certainly they should know when and why they are permitted to access the video; for install and repairs purposes only.  Perhaps an occasional reminder of alarm employees who have gone to jail for misusing their video access would be appropriate from time to time. 
          The All in One agreements, the Residential All in One and the Commercial Security All in One have sufficient provisions that protected the company and its employees when performing their job; contracts will not protect anyone from engaging the criminal activity.
           I want to remind you that all of your employees should have signed the K&K Employment Agreement.  The Employee Handbook is also a good idea but you can hold off on that until you have 10 or more employees [hopefully soon].  That's not a legal number but a fair rule of thumb for investing in the handbook.  But do not ignore the Employment contract.

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