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Dealer needs fire alarm advice / Acting as GC for other fire related trades / webinar registration
February 26, 2022
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March 1, 2022:        All-in-One Operations and Accounting Software for Security Integrators
March 8, 2022.         Recruiting, hiring and retaining field talent
Dealer needs fire alarm advice
          Thank you for being here.  I have a small Historical building with a Commercial Fire alarm in it.  My problem is that the only communication that is available are 2 POTS lines. (Plain Old Telephone Service); FIOS and Cellular are not available. We are having frequent telephone line trouble.
          Cable is available but I don’t believe that VOIP is approved for Commercial Fire alarms. Any suggestions?
          Fire alarm technical question above my pay grade.  Any fire alarm experts have any ideas?  My best advice is talk to the AHJ, probably the Fire Marshal, fir suggestions on alternative acceptable communication for the fire alarm. 
          Would AES or Mesh network be code compliant for commercial fire alarm?
Acting as GC for other fire related trades
          I do a chain of MRI centers based out of my state and they have several centers in the New York area. We do the Burglar alarm and Fire Alarm, with separate Kirschenbaum contracts for each service.
          The customer has limited insight to the New York market and has asked us to get in between other Fire related services.  They have asked us to hire a licensed sprinkler contractor to do the required quarterly sprinkler inspections and a licensed extinguisher contractor to do the annual inspection and tagging of the fire extinguishers. 
          My question to you is, if we stand in the middle and pay the sprinkler contractor and the extinguisher contractor, am I covered by my E&O policy that I have with Clear Blue Specialty Insurance? Also, do I need something other than your Fire All in One?
  Name withheld
          You are not licensed as a Fire Protection company, so you don’t do sprinklers and extinguishers [unless you are licensed for that].  Your professional services do not include those services, any more than your services don’t include practicing medicine or law, plumbing or electrical services.  You should be careful contracting to perform those services, even with the clear contractual understanding that you are acting merely as the agent for the owner, your customer.  Some jurisdictions may require that you have a General Contractor’s license when engaging as agent for the owner, though the more I think about it you can probably enter into a very clear agency agreement that permits you to act as agent for the owner.  So if you use the Fire Protection All in One you would have to make it crystal clear that it is not your intention to perform any of the services; only to engaged licensed contractors on behalf of your customer.
           Your Fire All in One [which is for the commercial fire alarm] is not designed as a General Contractor's form agreement.
          Insurance brokers can comment, but I doubt that your alarm E&O will cover you for your “consulting” or “agency” services.

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Webinar Title:  All-in-One Operations and Accounting Software for Security Integrators
When:  March 1, 2022 12 PM ET
Topic Details:  Software platform created specifically for the security installer industry. FieldHub tackles some of the thorniest operational arenas that other platforms leave behind, including RMR management and inventory tracking, all on a robust, native general ledger platform to keep your revenue and expenses in sync.  Learn how FieldHub provides a single system to manage leads and proposals through project and field service management, inventory, recurring/deferred revenue management, and full accounting.
Presenter:  Miles Fawcett, CEO FieldHub Inc.   Phone: 202.417.8196
Hosted by:  Ken Kirschenbaum,Esq.,
Who should attend:   Company owners, CEOs, CFOs, Manager, back office personnel who work with management software
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Webinar Title:  Recruiting, hiring and retaining field talent
When:  March 8, 2022 12 PM ET
Topic Details:  Even before the pandemic, hiring and retaining field talent in the security industry was growing increasingly difficult.  This webinar will explore the best ways to find talent, prequalify them and develop enthusiasm to consider joining your team as well as how to quickly determine if a candidate’s psychomotor skills match their resume. Webinar will discuss skill matrixes and why they are valuable tools to incentivize and retain talent, help improve morale and promote consistent, transparent compensation.
Presenter:  Peter Goldring, SET, NICET #143428 Fire Alarm Systems, Level IV, ACFE Certified Fraud Examiner.  Peter M. Goldring Consulting LLC Phone  516-640-1410
Hosted by:  Ken Kirschenbaum,Esq.,
Who should attend:   Company owners, CEOs, CFOs, Manager, Human Resource Personnel
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