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Crazy lawsuit against ADT keys and theft conspiracy 
May 22, 2021
Crazy lawsuit against ADT keys and theft conspiracy
          Just when you thought you’ve seen it all.
          ADT sure must keep its lawyers busy; it’s going to need plenty of them and probably a Psychiatrist as well to defend this one.  A complaint filed in United States District Court in Illinois accuses ADT of all kinds of interesting things. 
          Things could be worse, you could be ADT.  A veterinarian who lost her license because she was found mentally unfit alleges that PMH Partners, which includes ADT, stole from her practice and caused her to lose her veterinary license.  The interesting part of her claim is that PMH Partners worked with ADT in order to steal from a number of businesses throughout the country.  According to the complaint, ADT provides access to the premises and does not report unauthorized intrusions when their partner, PMH Partners, enter these businesses to steal.   The allegations get even more ludicrous as the complaint goes on to claim that law enforcement is also in cahoots with PMH and ADT and allow these burglaries to occur without filing a report.  The vet claims that ADT is protected on the backend when these thefts occur as a result of the exculpatory clauses in their contracts.  And if the business owner tries to report the theft or go public with this scheme, PMH and the team of medical professionals on their payroll start framing the situation to make the business owner out to be a nutjob and in need of psychiatric treatment. 
          The complaint speaks for itself better than I can summarize it:
          “ … the current practices of The American Psychiatric Association are utilized by criminals in PMH-ADT-Knox Rapid Access System is a Major Fraud" against the citizens of United States of America.”
          “Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulations indefinitely
suspended Ptaintiff-Frances'veterinary license based on psychiatric evaluation of Dr Stafford Henry, a PMH Partner. (Appenitix 8) His report is a product of medicalization of Plaintiff-Frances' complaint of break-ins and burglaries of the business she purchasedfrom them (PMH-ADT Partners). Later, RockfordJudge Lisa Fabiano, Zeke LeSd Clinic, Dan Benyousky and DCFS caused murder of her daughter's unbonn child, psychiatric hospital fraud, loss of affection and placed orders of protection of mother and child, under the leadership of psychotherapist, Dan Benyousky of Wheaton Youth Outreach, at Nathan Hamacek's request. (Appendix 9)
Members of the American Psychiatric Association, PMH-ADT-Knox Rapid
Access System are involved in ongoing fraudulent & criminal activities in multiple states and internationally.”
          ADT and its partners “are involved in multi-state
enterprise that utilizes ADT Security System to gain illegal wealth by stealing from the clients they monitor. (Appendix 7) Their employees are relatives in law enforcement. It is Plaintiff-Frances' belief (based on experience) that they provide other law enforcement officials the opportunlty to steal from the clients they monitor or pay them very well, as in not-for-profit organizations. PMH Partners utilize willing participants to steal, and has built a large network in various professions, such as DCFS, not-for-profit-organizations such as
7*kelngal Clinic. To prevent lawsuits, they utilize the principles like medical doctors, where they utilize numerous individuals and organizations. This issue has been going on since the late 1980s and, because of ADT's exculpatory clause, large number of involved individuals, law enforcement's immunity from prosecution and lack of video evidence, they have not been
prosecuted and have gained massive wealth.”
            “In pursuant to the business financial records and recommend.ations of Dan Maloney, CPA of PMH Partners, (Appendix 1 & 4) Plainfiff-Frances purchased Barrington Road Animaf C[nic in Aug 1999. The financia] records showed large sums of money being deposited and withdrawn from the account, since they were payrng 2 veterinarians and other support. It showed the business was generating $500,000 per year. Based on this assumption, the contract price of $525,000 with down payment of $25,000 plus $4,650 per month to Veterinary Medical Services & $1,500 to Dr Coyne was seller financed for $500,000 (Appendix 2). They concealed the true identities of PMH Partners & did not <Iisclose they were ADT Security System PartnerslDealers. Dr Prince refused to meet with her. He utilized Dr
Coyne, D\[\d. PMH Partners @r Joel Prince, D\[Nd, Dan Maloney, CPA and Dr Stafford Henry, Psychiatrist) dba ADT Security System, PMH-ADT Security System Partners are involved in widespread theft in Tllinsis and various states. They employ relatives in local law enforcement to monitor their clients. Based on plaintiff-Frances' experience and other business owners exBerience, she believes other law enforcement offi.cials are provid.ed with opportunities to steal from the clients they monitor. They pay well not-for-profit organizations to be wiling participants in their scheme. Because of ADT Security System's exculpatory clause and the immunity given to law enforcement,lack of video evid.ence, the public is
vulnerable to exploitation.”
          One of the requests for relief could affect the alarm industry and prevent the collection of keys to perform guard response or patrol service.  Here’s that part:
          “… pursuant to the Supremacy Clause, Article VI of the United States
Constitution, she is asking this court to protect the American people, by placing a permanent injunction to ban the collection of keys by law enforcement from businesses and residences in all states. Any keys in the possession of law enforcement will have to be retumed. to the rightfut owners with the recommendation of change the locks.”
          Let’s up ADT keeps us updated on this bizarre lawsuit. 
Case is Endencia v American Psychiatric Association et al.  USDC, Northern Illinios

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