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Consult Time for Business Strategy - Sign up Information / one strategy
March 23, 2020
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Consult Time for Business Strategy - Sign up Information 
      There are so many questions to be answered this week and so much pressure on employers/business owners. To organize ourselves, at K&K, we are scheduling block consult time in advance so we can devote the time needed to answer any and all of your questions, which may encompass some of the below - 

​Do I have to pay my employees?
What benefits are available for my employees?
Can I screen customers before we service them?
Can I screen staff?
How do I close temporarily? 
Will I have to pay my rent?
Will my insurance cover this? 
What about government stimulus? 
       We are also available to help draft letters to customers, staff, third parties. You can schedule time for by emailing Stacy Spector, Esq at or call Stacy at 516 747 6700 x 304. . Stacy will set up a time for you and you can send materials you are thinking of working with in advance to expedite, or we can help craft from scratch. 
      To view our Webinar on CoronaVirus/Covid-19 Emergency Response for Employers CLICK HERE -
one strategy
    A thought for your newsletter to pass along to other alarm companies... this past week, 3 of my employees came Into close contact with a counter person from a local equipment distributor we buy from. The counter person ended up going to the hospital for what appeared like flu-like symptoms a day later. The counter person was quarantined for 8 hours in the hospital and then sent home for a week along with another employee from the distributor of alarm equipment as it takes 3 days to get results back for CoVid19. 
    We were on pins and needles for a day. Do I have to shut down my entire company? Per your previous column, do I have to pay them? Can I put off all installations and service calls for 2 weeks? Shutting down the company for 2 weeks... just think of that...
   Starting tomorrow, my service techs will not report to the company and have interaction with other techs to lessen the possibility of exposure across the company, service Dept will continue taking care of everyone with business as usual (assuming they don’t shut down the entire country...). If I lose any service technicians to sickness and have to send techs home I’ll pull from the installation department and out off new installs and make sure my paying customers are taken care of. Office staff can always work from home. 
    The results came back negative for the infectious disease and we return to work with the plan above in place starting tomorrow. 
    My cute little wife says I think too much... what are your thoughts? 
Yours for better security,
Steve Sopkin, President
Mijac Alarm
    Lot's of uncertainty; lot's of questions. Answers are evolving as matters progress. At K&K we are staying on top of the issue for a legal perspective. K&K's Health Care Practice Group and our Employment Practice Group are overlapping in their efforts to understand the issues and come up with answers that our clients can rely on. Make an appointment to talk to our attorneys for assistance.There's a lot of information and advice circulating. Best to get it straight from your attorneys. Hopefully, that's K&K. Contact Stacy Spector,Esq at 516 747 6700 x 304 or

Webinars Series 2020 - Register now
            We are pleased to offer the below FREE Webinars. Originally scheduled as Roundtable discussions at the ISC we are now opening up attendance in webinar format. Please sign up for one or more webinars and we hope you’ll participate in the discussion.  Other webinars TBA
            For those of you who had a Free private meetings scheduled with Ken Kirschenbaum at the ISC show, please call Stacy Spector,Esq at 516 747 6700 x 304 to re-schedule the meeting via Skype
When: March 20, 2020 at 1 PM ET
Topic:  discussion on Errors and Omissions Insurance Claims and Risk Management
Presented by:  Bart Didden, Executive Claims Administrator, Security America and Ken Kirschenbaum, Esq
Who should attend: owners, managers
Register here:
When: March 23, 2020 at 11 AM  ET
Topic:  discussion on Taxes and Corporate issues for alarm companies relevant when selling or buying accounts
Presented by:  Mitch Reitman
Hosted by:  Ken Kirschenbaum,Esq
Who should attend: owners, CFO
Register here:
When: March 24, 2020 at 11AM  ET
Topic:  discussion on Selling or buying alarm accounts and RMR issues
Presented by:  Ron Davis and Ken Kirschenbaum,Esq
Who should attend: owners, CFO
Register here:
When: March 26, 2020 at 11AM  ET
Topic:  discussion on the value of quality video contracts and services
Presented by:  Sharon Elder, VP Sales, USA Central Station
Hosted by:  Ken Kirschenbaum, Esq
Who should attend: owners, COO, managers, technical staff
Register here:
When: April 7, 2020 at 12 PM  ET
Topic:  discussion on the current state of the Financial/Capital Market Stability in the Security Industry and necessary agreements needed for security companies
Presented by:  Troy Iverson, VP of Sales, Brian Davis, CFO of AvantGuard Monitoring Centers
Hosted by:  Ken Kirschenbaum, Esq
Who should attend: owners, CFO, managers, 
Register here:  

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