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Compromised security / Installer codes / Schedule Free meeting at ISC
February 11, 2020
Schedule Free meeting at ISC with Ken Kirschenbaum
            I am scheduling free meetings at ISC now for March 18 and 19, 2020. The meetings are free and schedule in half hour increments, except for Concierge Clients who can reserve an hour.  Any issues can be discussed or just stop by to chat.  To reserve a time please contact our Concierge Coordinator Stacy Spector,Esq at 516 747 6700 x 304 or
           I will also be stopping by the following booths at the convention floor for meet and greet with those that stop by:
Rapid Response Monitoring    March 18 at 11 am
All American Monitoring          March 18 at 11:45 am
AvantGuard Monitoring           March 19 at 11 am
Cops Monitoring                      March 19 at 11:45 am
Compromised security
            We have a client who wants to remove the siren from the alarm system.  The life safety devices are still being monitored and the alert will sound if there is a fire.  However, the alarm system also has a separate siren, which the client wants removed.
            We do have a held harmless agreement that we can provide as a waiver, but what are the legal ramifications of removing the siren?  We need to inform the client.
   Thank you
            Is an alarm system’s effectiveness reduced by removing the siren?  It’s not a legal question, yet.  The question needs to be addressed by an alarm expert.  I’ll guess and say that the siren does serve a purpose, notifying someone within hearing distance of the alarm, and therefore removal of the device will reduce effectiveness.
            But that doesn’t mean you can’t remove the siren [unless it’s a fire alarm that has been approved by the AHJ].  Intrusion and other alarm systems [other than fire] are usually optional and subscribers are free to design and redesign the systems to meet their budget.  
            Since the siren is recommended by you [having been installed and now to be removed, or if this was a new installation, part of your recommendations] you need to get the subscriber’s removal instruction in writing.  For a new installation it would be in the contract itself, in the Schedule of Equipment of Services.  That omission in devices would also be in the Disclaimer Notice, where the subscriber would acknowledge that the siren was recommended and declined.  Because this siren is already installed, use the Disclaimer Notice for the removal of the siren.  You should already have full indemnity from the subscriber in the All in One agreement, so you don’t need a separate indemnity agreement.
Installer codes
            As an alarm company are we required to change the installer code back to default or a number to give the customer since we do not want to give our installer code, or is it ok to just tell them the new installer can factory default the panel and reprogram? 
            Another installer is telling the customer we are not allowed to block them from their panel.
Thank you,
            Are you required to reveal the installer code or default to the manufacturer’s code?  Asked another way, can you block another alarm company from tampering with the system by not giving up the code.
            Absent a statute in your jurisdiction you are under no obligation to provide the code.  There are a few jurisdictions where the code needs to be provided, particularly for fire alarms.  Ordinarily it’s a matter of contract. The Standard Form Agreement provides that you will either reveal the code or default to manufacturer’s code, but only once the subscriber has completed the initial term of the agreement.  A defaulting subscriber doesn’t get the code.  

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