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Comments on why do customers chose Simplisafe over professional systems
June 17, 2024
Comments on why do customers chose Simplisafe over professional systems from article on May 24, 2024
                 Responding to Anonymous in regard to SimpliSafe.
                 It is called "perceived value."
                 After being in this business for 50 years, it is a matter of needing or wanting.
If it is something the consumer "wants" they cannot get to their checkbook or credit cards, or apple pay fast enough to pay for it.  If it is something they "need" or is insurance company driven, they will drag their feet till their heels wear out. I have been in hundreds of site meeting and have watched the owners gleefully sign million-dollar landscaping contracts or half million-dollar pool installations, (if it shows, it goes)  but when our time comes to talk, we are challenged with "do we really need that many smoke detectors in our new 10,000 square foot house? Can we not reduce the number?
                 Can we pause the monitoring fees when we are here for 2 months in the summer?"  So, bottom line, if it is something they need, they will look to fulfill that need as cheaply as possible and that is why SimpliSafe is successful. You get what you pay for and deserve what may come from it.
         Why?  Because consumers will always seek the cheapest price for a service not deemed as essential. Insurance companies love this because they will surely deny a claim for these junk non UL-Listed systems. And the “no contract” is a farce. There is a terms of service agreement the customer must accept which is their contract.
      In my opinion, I will never get that time back when I started reading I said this is the dumbest thing I am reading, but yet I kept reading   I am shocked that you posted it and responded
Sean K
My question is, how does Simplisafe Systems get past the requirement where licensing is required in a jurisdiction?  How do they handle false alarm issues when a police department refuses to dispatch on a location due to excessive false alarms, requiring a LICENSED company perform a service call and submit repair paperwork to the police department to re-activate the dispatch on alarms to the site? 
  Best Regards,
Isaac H
Democrats who run too many cities and states – couldn’t let that pass.
Neither could I. One example of abuse of power on my mind is the coming congestion tax. The MTA had meeting (with themselves) and they (themselves) approved it. What right does MTA have to tax City streets. They don't own the streets, they don't maintain the streets; they don't repair the streets. They already collect outrageous toll on bridges and tunnels and don't even fill potholes. We are the milking cows. We just take it without fight.
            Good news is that NY Governor yanked the congestion pricing day it was going into effect.  Bad news, she waited until someone, probably MTA, paid half million dollars to put up the cameras charging the toll. Probably they will pull them down instead of figuring out how to use them.
            SimpliSafe needs a license to monitoring its subscribers in over 20 states and some cities. Simple as that.  I haven’t checked if it is compliant.

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