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Comments on sunset apathetic customers  
July 11, 2022
Comments on sunset apathetic customers from article on June 29, 2022
          I believe the best way to approach customers that don't want to hear about the sun-setting issue is to create an email thread. This way you have evidence of communication in the event you need it down the line.
          Also it does help to refer them to the internet (Tell them to Google Sunset Feb 22)- They can surf from there and see that this is very real.  I only had 1 customer who failed to convert. His unit used dual pathways. The internet is primary and cell secondary.  The alarm signals came into the central station and the customer thought he was right, and I was pulling a fast one.  That is of course until he had an alarm with no internet service and the cellular signal failed to reach the central station. Then I got  the call. I referred him to our multiple email exchanges where I pointed this scenario out.
          He upgraded and apologized!
          Protect yourself with evidence, Then let it go (Baby-sitting is OUT!)
Stay safe over the summer!
Dimitry Boss
          Here at my company we're turning cartwheels. Making calls, sending repeat email and snail mail notifications and playing let's make a deal to keep those stragglers who have a history of paying their bills online.  It's demoralizing as hell, even if it's just a small percentage of our base. We never say die until all efforts are exhausted. We've seen some of the customers with two paths of communication reduce to one. I personally hate the wireless communication companies and rue the day this industry succumbed to their supposed charm.  Keep me
          I have your contracts and have saved my bacon frequently!! 
Thank you,
John S Romero, President
Keystone Security Systems
          We’ve had the same challenges with customers that just don’t give a damn about responding to such a critical component that needs replacement that provides fire life safety protection for their businesses and families.
          Ironically, if it was a refrigerator component or landscape irrigation control that needed to be replaced based on the 3G sunset you can almost bet your last dollar they would have it done at once and pay for it happily.
          The obvious suggestion here is something that we followed and that is basically ‘document the hell out of yourself’! We’ve sent emails, letters by snail mail and phone calls and some of these customers ignore it. 
          One suggestion I would have is a bit novel but it is worth exploring and we’ve used it successfully on occasion. We basically tell the customer the 3G radio has to be replaced at their cost but we also give them the option to not have to spend a dime on replacing the radio if they provide an active usable landline. Believe it or not we’ve this has worked with some customers that have exercise this option and say they like the idea of having a landline again because they could also use it for 911 calls in case the cell network fails! 
Just a thought. 
Thanks again for everything you do Kenny-we love you!
Security One
          Thanks to all for sharing their experience and expertise.

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