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comments on contracts 

February 5, 2024
comments on contracts from article on January 26, 2024
          I am responding to the comment of JFB, Partner and Engineer who said,
          "Thank you, Ken, for keeping the alarm companies in the US up to date on laws.....appreciate it....we do not use your contracts, as they are a little expensive, but, use our own contracts......probably no-where as good as yours."
          Ken, I am not shocked and I am not amazed as many of your readers might have thought I would have said.
          But, if JFB is really an engineer, in any discipline would lead me to believe that JFB is an educated individual who paid real dollars to some entity for a higher education. But I can come to no conclusion what so ever that makes any sense that can explain why would JFB even write such a ridiculous statement that an engineer would think that they know more than the acknowledged attorney such that you are?
          Well maybe engineers are in position number 2, behind medical doctors as the biggest know-it-alls on the face of the planet as I previously thought number 2 was attorneys.
          FJB should send his homemade cobbled contract to Security America for a complementary review and while we are at it we will give him a quote if he fills out an application to show him how he might save enough money to buy your contract.
Bart A. Didden, President
U.S.A. Central Station Alarm Corp.
Port Chester, NY
Milford, CT
St. Paul, MN
          To me, building your own alarm contract is like building your own alarm panel [and not because you think you can build a better panel – actually can’t imagine what you’re thinking].  And asking “your lawyer” to draft your contract …. well you may as well ask him to build you a new panel.
          We don’t do every kind of law at K&K and we don’t profess to know all areas of law, but we do know what I call the alarm industry.  For me that includes all the fire alarm, security equipment, medical alert, environmental alarm, PERS and services that you do. 
          I can’t say we got here on my own … there are so many of you that helped and continue to contribute …. too many to mention, but they know who they are and many of you know who they are.  Everyone participating on this forum offering their advice, suggestions, expertise or just plain old criticism or humor has and do contribute.  So thanks for your participation; thanks for your confidence; thanks for your support; thanks for your recommendations; thanks for making K&K the premium law firm in your industry.  We appreciate you.

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