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Comments on central station operations  
November 19, 2021
Comments on central station operations from article on November 12, 2021
Dear Dealer X:
            I will answer your question with a question (or several)….
A) Will you have a customer base that is proud of being your customer – or one that can’t (or want to) remember your name?
B) Will your customers get prompt service – or, have to call and chew out my Central Station Operators as they don’t get returned phone calls and then finally get service after WEEKS of waiting and calling over and over again?
C) Will you be willing to rip out a ‘lemon’ alarm system and re-install it for the customer or will you continue to have it generate issues and end up having the customer cancel service (again, after chewing out my Central Station Operators).
D) Will you follow the rules and regulations as applicable for the burglar and the fire alarm systems – or, will your ‘technicians’ put the EOL resistors ‘in the panel’ and other short cuts are taken I have seen done to ‘save a nickel’.
E) Will your personnel get certified by the entities in the industry such as NTS, NICET, and even (Heaven FORBID) get U.L. Certified – or, will you just ‘skirt’ along and ‘just get by’.
F) Will my Central Station Operators get the phone call complaints from the new customers stating they cannot get ahold of you and they are wondering why the installer is on the phone trying to figure out their system or cameras or whatever the issue is for HOURS ON END and act like this is the 1st day on the job without any experienced trainer with them.
G) Do you just get the system ‘put in’ as quickly as possible and hand the new customer a ‘training tape’ or is time spent with them to ensure customer caused false alarms are held to a minimum?
H) Are you a member of the local alarm association and attend meetings or just sit back and let others do what needs to be done?
I)  Are you an alarm trainer and work with the local Police Department Alarm Coordinator or dodge their phone calls?
J) Will I, as the owner/operator, get drug into Court to testify (as if I don’t have anything else to do in my life on that day) because ‘Y’ happened to Dealer ‘X’s account – along with wasting time at a deposition?
K) Are you on a 1st name basis with the local AHJ and the alarm coordinator – or do you scurry away at the sight of their vehicle?
L) Do you consider this just a business and all is fair or consider this a ‘calling’ and realize my Central Station Operators are true partners – who have life and property at their fingertips and are PROUD of the job they do – waiting and watching for the signal they hope they never get!!
            AND, I did not even in the above even MENTION – will I have to chase you to collect payment for the services I have rendered?
            I am not Central Station owner ‘X’ – my name is Joseph Pfefer – PROUD President & Founder of Jade Alarm Co. in Kansas City, Mo.
 Joseph (Joe) Pfefer
President & Founder
Jade Alarm Co.
      Peace of Mind  Since 1969
          WE CARE!
            Thank you for your insightful comments.  Now let's here from a central station
Another comment from USA Central Station
            My response to “Dealer X’ and his question, Why should I pick you to monitor my accounts”
 What you should and you shouldn’t consider
   *  If it's all about price, you shouldn’t consider USA
   *  If it's about service, you should consider USA
   *  If it's about using technology that has not been proven yet, you shouldn’t consider USA
   *  If you want a stable platform and no surprises, you should consider USA
   *  If you want a provider that has lots of advertising, buying other companies, only interested in growing their business and is loaded with debt, you shouldn’t consider USA
   *  If you want a company with no debt, organic growth without service swings, you should consider USA
   *  If you want a company that supports false alarm reduction and the continuance of the public/private partnership to maintain police response, you should consider USA
  *  If you want a company that the owner is accessible and involved in the business, you should consider USA and here is my cell number 914-645-3199
   *  If you want a central station that uses ken Kirschenbaum’s contracts, you should consider USA
   *  If you want to consider a company that is in its 40th year or operations, you should consider USA
 Bart A. Didden, President
U.S.A. Central Station Alarm Corp.
Port Chester, NY
Milford, CT
St. Paul, MN
Pasco, WA

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