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Comments on Can military serviceman cancel home security contract
July 19 2023
Comments on Can military serviceman cancel home security contract from article on June 28, 2023
          Even if the law didn’t require you to cancel these men and women do a job that allows us to do ours.    We pause the invoicing of our military accounts if they are deployed and we still provide them the service.   Have some pride in our country.   These people voluntarily agreed to put their life on the line.  Do the right thing.   No need to keep me anonymous,   American and proud.
Matt W
          Who, in their right mind, would hold active military to their security agreement??  Plenty of business out there and doesn’t take much to extend the courtesy to someone serving our country.  Can’t believe the question was even asked.  I’d hide my name as well. 
David Febbraio
Structured Home Solutions, LLC
          How about cause its the right thing to do.  These people are underpaid and too often taken advantage of because they choose to defend our country.  The security industry should give them a break.  They deserve it. 
Mike Eykyn
Are we allowed to ask for proof (copy military orders) to cancel the contract?
          In reply to the military contract canceling. I believe that we should provide every courtesy to our military members. We are blessed to have these people protecting our country. I am sure most of them are honorable citizens that will make our country better. The few contracts you lose will pay you back in good will. Be proud that you support our troops.
Gordon Racine
          I hope Heather sleeps better at night knowing that the Military personnel that she forces to pay a petty monthly fee for a service that they can no longer use because our government has moved them to another location that protects our country.
          This is not how we should treat our service/military people.
Shame on her and her company.  
          Sleep well, Heather

            Unfortunately, people like Heather are what you get when we don't know WHAT our military is (voluntary), WHO is in our military (mostly great people), and WHY they choose to serve (love, respect, and gratitude for our country).
            She, but probably mostly her superiors, are unfortunately clueless, ignorant, or worse, indifferent about our military personnel's day-to-day challenges.  Under normal circumstances, most people need to be held to their contracts. However, just simply out of gratitude, military personnel should not be one of them.  Sad and disappointing.
         If you choose to publish this, please withhold my name and company. I don’t feel like getting into it with clueless or heartless people.
name withheld

          Begs the question: “What kind of business person am I to sign a contract with an active military service person knowing full well they may be re-deployed elsewhere”.
          Unless we knew that the person attempting to break the contract in bad faith, we would ask for the contact information for the new tenant / owner and try to retain the contracted revenue stream that way. You will not find us in court suing an active member of our armed forces for a contract break like this, ever.

         Why would one NOT want to cancel s service person’s contract?  Enforcing it seems a little harsh and not appreciative of the service they are providing.          Good for the law change.
Don Safford Father & Sons Home Services, Inc.
Proud Grandfather of two military Grandsons
          Apparently enough companies were looking to hold servicemen to their contracts to warrant legislative intervention.  You certainly can insist on a copy of the transfer order before terminating the contract without penalty.  Some contracts are terminable at will and you need to consider that when making an investment in the installation.  A good example is a municipal contract that is terminable without penalty for convenience. 
          I’m sure Heather didn’t intend to create such a fury of feedback.  She has a company to run and needs to know how to handle legal issues, which this clearly is.

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