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Comments on Are you having problem with Honeywell/Resideo communication
April 22, 2024
Comments on Are you having problem with Honeywell/Resideo communication from article on April 8, 2024
          Re: Honeywell Resideo Issues:
          Constant cellular communicator failures (the hourly test ping on fire alarm cellular communicators), Bad tech support when trying to swap out a communicator while in the field and lack of proper technical knowledge when trying to address issues are my experiences.
          Some of these communicators have excellent signal strengths and work for several month, no problems, then all of a sudden start showing the hourly test fault but, only for one hour then it shows clear. On one occasion when I swapped out a fire communicator in the field I had a tech Honeywell support rep ask if I wanted to add Total Connect to the fire communicator to which I said no, fire alarm communicators cannot be programmed for that. She asked me why and I told her that fire codes do not allow remote services to silence a fire alarm; you must be on premise to do that; besides it is not possible to program it for that.
          There have been several times where I have provided tech support, to their tech support. I'm sure others have had the same issue. It is nice to talk with someone that can speak English properly but, sometimes when you get an English speaking tech support person that does not mean much anymore and this issue affects several suppliers. 
Ron Baumann, CFPS, NICET IV
ProAlert Security Systems, LLC
Another comment
          I just wanted to mention that I am seeing these Honeywell communication failures and long range radio troubles as well. Radios need to be power cycled all the time.  Never used to happen. It’s a shame, Honeywell used to be rock solid.
Anthony Firmani, President
Structured Resources, Inc.

Another comment
          We are seeing a ton of Resideo radio communication failures. 
          On the topic of Resideo failures, we have dozens of 5800 series combo smoke/CO units that won't hold a battery charge. They go into low battery prematurely, and then again as little as a few weeks later.  The Resideo team says it's not them and they haven't heard of this, but we have through our own network found out other dealers are having the same issue. Coincidentally they discontinued the combo and are coming out with a new one.
          We have exclusively used Honeywell/Resideo for over 40 years and all of the above has us exploring new product lines now.
          If published please 
withhold my name/company

          I suppose we have received only a few comments with adverse reviews of Honeywell Resideo.  Not sure if this is sufficient to confirm difficulty across the board.  One party we didn’t hear from is Honeywell, so either it knows there are issues, doesn’t care or doesn’t think it will matter and no response is necessary.  These things blow over. I also don’t know what other products are available to the industry, but there are likely a few. 
          Unreliable fire alarm equipment is surely a great reason to be using the Standard Fire All in One.
          Can anyone recommend substitute product that isn’t as controversial?  Does anyone have anything positive to say about Honeywell Resideo?

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