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Comment on writing off hold back / don’t miss holiday sale on select contracts – only 3 more days
December 6, 2022
Comment on writing off hold back from article on November 24, 2022
          As always for your forum.  Lots of buying and selling  for Jim Jr and me over the many years. On a sale of accounts I always tried to have an agreement that the buyer had to notify us within 10 days of an account canceling. This allowed us the opportunity of trying to save it. If they did not notify us within the 10 days the canceled account did not go against our holdback .
          Good for both parties as we were able to save accounts. And performing accounts is what the buyer wants. 
Jim Wooster, Sr
          That notify provision is important, but not all buyers will agree to it.  While it’s not usually a deal breaker for the seller I really think it should be.  You would think that the buyer has a shared interest with the seller to retain as many accounts as possible, but that’s not always the case.  Some buyers use the hold back period as a time to weed out undesirable accounts, and an account that falls behind or for one reason or another wants to cancel, perhaps isn’t worth betting on, even if the seller could convince the subscriber to stick it out until the hold back is paid.
          The best advice is that sellers [and buyers] need competent attorneys on the transaction.  I don’t care how many companies you sold or bought in your career, it’s not as many as me and some of the other attorneys in the alarm industry.  While we, attorneys in the alarm industry, have seen most everything, that doesn’t mean we use our knowledge the same or consistently.  And of course there’s always the client, some of whom are outright unreasonable or [to be kind] inexperienced in typical alarm deals. 
          There are a number of issues that should be negotiated regarding the attrition guarantee, and that’s only one issue in the transaction; there are many issues that arise.  Professionals servicing the alarm industry are available to assist; don’t DIY the deal.

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          Provide home watch service for vacant home; itemized list of inspection and service areas.  This is for residential consumers; customized state by state. Come with Rider for special instructions and additional services

VIRTUAL DOORMAN    list price $1,250   Your saving $625
          VIRTUAL DOORMAN STANDARD SUPERVISORY VIDEO, AUDIO, AND ACCESS CONTROL, SALES, MONITORING & SERVICE AGREEMENT.  Cameras with two-way audio for access control and "escort" service throughout a building or property under surveillance

          Tired of your customer using your estimate and information to put out a bid or negotiate with a competitor.  use this confidentiality agreement to protect your estimate and specifications

ANSWER SERVICE with questionnaire  list price $500   Your saving $250
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GPS MONITORING  list price $875   Your saving $437.50
          [single state only] vehicle or personal

To order up to date Standard Form Alarm /  Security / Fire and related Agreements click here:

To order up to date Standard Form Alarm /  Security / Fire and related Agreements click here:
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