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Comment on who owns intellectual property – codes/Comment on if SimpliSafe products are UL listed
September 11, 2023
Comment on who owns intellectual property – codes – from article on August 15, 2023
          While this discussion is about access control, I would like to take the opportunity to remind fire alarm companies of their obligations under the International Fire Code (IFC) and NFPA-72 (National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code) which are adopted in most jurisdictions nationwide. 
          2019 NFPA-72 
          3.3.279 Software.
Programs, instruments, procedures, data, and the like that are executed by a central processing unit of a product and that influences the functional performance of that product. For the purpose of this Code, software is one of two types: executive software and site-specific software. 
 Executive Software.
Control and supervisory program that manages the execution of all other programs and directly or indirectly causes the required functions of the product to be performed. Executive software is sometimes referred to as firmware, BIOS, or executive program. 
 Site-Specific Software.
Program that is separate from, but controlled by, the executive software that allows inputs, outputs, and system configuration to be selectively defined to meet the needs of a specific installation. Typically it defines the type and quantity of hardware, customized labels, and the specific operating features of a system. 
          7.5.3  All systems including new systems and additions or alterations to existing systems shall include the following documentation, which shall be delivered to the owner or the owner’s representative upon final acceptance of the system:
(1) An owner’s manual and manufacturer’s published instructions covering all system equipment
(2) Record (as-built) drawings in accordance with 7.5.5
(3) A completed record of completion form in accordance with 7.5.6
(4) For software-based systems, record copy of the site-specific software in accordance with 7.5.7
 For software-based systems, a copy of the site-specific software shall be provided to the system owner or owner’s designated representative.

The site-specific software documentation shall include both the user passcode and either the system programming password or specific instructions on how to obtain the programming password from the system manufacturer.
 The passwords provided shall enable currently certified qualified programming personnel to access, edit, modify, and add to the existing system site-specific software.
 A copy of the site-specific software shall be stored on-site in nonvolatile, nonerasable, non-rewritable memory.
  John Drucker
Licensed Code Official
CO/SCO/Building/Electric/Fire - New Jersey
ICC and NICET Certified
          NFPA rule, adopted as law in most if not all jurisdictions does require code and programming be turned over to the fire alarm owner, but the Standard Fire Alarm Agreement contradicts that requirement and provides that all intellectual property remains property of the fire alarm company.  Of course the owner needs to be able to turn the system on and off.  Texas, and perhaps other states, require that codes be turned over to an owner, but only if the owner signs a specific release [and yes K&K has that form, call our Contract Administrator if you want to get it 516 747 6700 x 312].  The issue of the codes comes up quite a bit in collection cases, especially when the fire alarm is leased.  K&K position is that it’s the alarm company property and disclosure is not provided.  That gets a lot of fire alarm collection cases settled.  We need to hear more about this from AHJs like John Drucker, perhaps NFPA itself, and others in the know.
Comment on if SimpliSafe products are UL listed from August 18, 2023
          Regarding questions about UL Listings, please be advised that UL maintains a searchable database of listees.
          Anyone can create an account and search to their hearts content.
Just go to and click on “Join Product IQ” to create your account.
          And YES!  SimpliSafe Inc. has a “Monitoring Station, Residential” listing.
 Dave Currie
Founder - Damar Security Systems - ULC Listed Since 1976
UL Standards and Engagement Technical Committee Member
Chair CAN/ULC 561 Fire Monitoring Working Group
another comment
          To answer the question below about SimpliSafe’s “UL” listings, their products are ETL Listed to the applicable UL/ULC & CSA standards by Intertek Testing Services NA Inc., a NRTL (Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory) as accredited by OSHA and a Recognized Test Lab as accredited by the Standards Council of Canada.
          They currently do not have a commercial fire listing for their panel.
          The table of their listings can be found on Intertek’s Directory of Listed Products
 Darryl Engel
Life Safety & Security

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