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    I know that a number of folks have been discussing Security America Risk Retention Group. It would be prudent of me to share the AMBest Ratings & Criteria of this risk group. They are rated through AMBest as a B++. Insurance companies and risk pools with a rating lower than an A can cause issues with contracts companies enter into along with insolvency concerns down the road. Purely from an educational standpoint of your readers I wanted to forward this information.
Security America Risk Retention Group, Inc.
Web: www.securityamericarrg.com
Phone: 802-864-5599
Best's Credit Ratings
 Financial Strength Rating  View Definition
B++ (Good) - Assigned to companies that have, in our opinion, a good ability to meet their ongoing insurance obligations.
Size:  III ($2 Million to $5 Million)
Outlook:  Stable
Effective Date:   March 21, 2014  Initial Rating Date:   March 31, 2010
Brian J. Villari, CIC, CLCS
Risk Advisor
(p) 443-738-2784
    As the President of SARRG,  I am interested in hearing what the agents of competing insurance companies have to say about about our insurance program.  Ten years ago, it was that SARRG would not be around in five years.  After five years, I heard you should not do business with SARRG because we were not an AM Best rated company.  Now, I often hear that competing agents are saying that our B++ rating could cause contractual issues and a concern of insolvency.
    I would point to our relationship with our re-insurer, Lloyds of London as validation of SARRG's financial position.  I doubt Lloyds, the most respected world wide manager of risk, would partner with SARRG if our outlook was of concern.
    The fact remains that the SARRG B++ AM Best rating is an indication of, and I quote:
    "Assigned to companies that have, in our opinion, a good ability to meet their ongoing insurance obligations."  
    SARRG has also garnered a "stable" outlook from AM Best. This may be related to the strict oversight from the state of Vermont.   Vermont has great results domiciling and overseeing successful RRG's.  Or, possibly the 50 State Insurance Commissioners we issue reports to every quarter, and our Partners at Marsh and Lloyd's of London to whom we report to monthly. 
    SAARG, along with your contracts, (available at www.alarmcontracts.com) continue to be the best options for an alarm company to protect their company and themselves from the inevitable lawsuit.  SARRG will continue to provide exceptional customer service and the best claims management available.  Our in depth knowledge of the industry allows us to keep our pencil sharp and pass on savings of thousands of dollars to our policy holders.
    Our success will continue to cause competitors to grasp at any means possible to sell their higher commission insurance.  I would prefer agents educate themselves on our program and work with us as an agent. Then I find, that agents tout SAARG as the best option for their alarm clients!
Michael J Keegan PSP, President
Security America Risk Retention Group
    SARRG has a number of characteristics that makes it first choice for most alarm companies.  

  • SARRG premiums are generally lower
  • SARRG encourages proper use of contracts - your number one defense against claims
  • SARRG is alarm industry owned
  • SARRG's board and management are alarm industry people with the highest credentials
  • SARRG's Claims Manager is in the alarm industry and knows the industry from the dealer and central station side
  • SARRG is invested in the alarm industry - its E&O coverage is not an insignificant program that's part of a giant insurance company - in other words - SARRG management cares about the alarm industry, not just about selling insurance to the alarm industry

    Use the Standard Form Agreements; get a policy from SARRG; Sleep better at night.


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