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Comment on notifying fire alarm customer of trouble signal / Firing your customer 
December 10, 2022
Comment on notifying fire alarm customer of trouble signal from November 26, 2022 article
          Nice article on November 26, 2022.
          To finish off the "trouble condition" saga,I refer those interested to NFPA 72 Chapter 26 sections dealing with handling and dispatch of trouble signals.
          Section  26.3 deals with how traditional central station (supervising station) facilities are to handle trouble conditions
          Section  26.4 deals with how Proprietary Supervising Stations are to handle trouble conditions
          Section  26.5 deals with how Remote Supervising Stations (wholesale monitoring companies would fall under this category) are to handle trouble conditions.
          The Fire All in One requires NFPA compliance but also refers to the policies adopted by the Monitoring Center.  Procedure for handling specific types of signals should be made available to the subscriber upon request.
Firing your customer
          I was thinking you had an article about firing a customer but I can't locate it. We have a customer who continues to not take our advice on adding coverage, continues having security issues at their property and wants us to pay for it and threatens to defame us and such, etc.... You know all the things. 
          We are trying to find wisdom on the right way to fire a customer. Do you have an article on that?
          You can check for all our articles and use the search feature at
          Firing your customer, to paraphrase Bob Dylan, “it’s easily done”.   Some caution is required.  You are under contract to provide a service; maybe even been paid beyond the date you want to terminate.  You don’t want to breach the contract.
          You should be able to find a few ways to hold your subscriber in default or encourage the subscriber to request termination.
  *  you can ask for the additional insured certificate
  *  you can increase RMR by 9%
  *  you can get strict on how you interpret ordinary wear and tear on the Service Plan or warranty work
  *  you can charge for excessive alarms
          If all that fails, see if you can find a local alarm company to take the contract by assignment, free or maybe you can get them to buy it.  “One man's trash is another man's treasure, and the by-product from one food can be perfect for making another.”
Yotam Ottolenghi [an Israeli-born British chef, restaurateur, and food writer.]

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