I am responding to Joel’s 9/18/14 comment that the NFPA 720 Standard is not yet adopted nationally. The Standard is widely adopted. It’s referenced in eight state carbon monoxide (CO) laws and is referenced in the IRC, IFC, IBC, NFPA 101 and NFPA 1. Regarding secondary power requirements, Section of NFPA 720-2012 permits the secondary power of a CO detection system to be reduced to from 12 hours to 5 minutes of alarm, just like a fire alarm system, if it’s monitored by a supervising station. As it relates to occupant notification, an activated CO detector is not necessarily required to sound all the horns throughout the building. The integral sounder of a system-connected CO detector may be sufficient for notifying building occupants. In accordance with, selective occupant notification is permitted to be limited to the notification zone encompassing the area where the CO signal originated where CO signals are transmitted to a constantly attended onsite or off-premises location.
Richard Roberts
Industry Affairs Manager
Honeywell Fire Safety
Technical Committee member of NFPA 720 and NFPA 101
  Back in April 2014 I took over a alarm system at a car reapir shop.  The client request an additional way of providing protection for his parking lot, i.e.  a system that would set off a zone on the alarm panel and set off the outside siren. I did some research and found outside PIR's that would have worked. Client dismissed the suggestion due to the PIR's being $1500.00 a piece. So I researched and tested a CCTV system at my business location, utilizing motion detection, with the DVR relay output connected to the alarm panel.  Seemed to work rather well.
    I presented the client with the proposal, he did not immediately respond.
About a month later, in May, I received a call from the client wanting to go ahead with the camera system.
First Red Flag:
Client did not want to put any money down towards the system.
Second Red flag:
Client did not want to sign a contract.
    I installed the system, with a $1300.00 down payment, barely covered the cost of the cameras and DVR.  After testing the system with the client, client declined to put system online, and wanting to test for 30 days.
I sent an invoice for the remainder of the bill, which client refused to acknowledge.
30 days later,  July 4th, I sent the client an email requesting payment or the system would be shut down.  Client did not respond, until two weeks later requesting a refund of $1300.00 and the system removed.
     Due to scheduling, I could not make his timeline.  I went back first week in August, and he still requested a refund.
Reading Georgia law, I believe that I am entitled to compensation for my time and materials that can't be reused.  Client refuses to allow me to remove system without full refund.
    What is my course of action?  I am just a small startup.
    Tom, I can't suger coat this.  Either get the Commercial All in One, and use it on every job - before you do an installation, or find another way to make a living.  Since you're "just a start up" it's time for you to decide if you're going to do business the right way or struggle until you ulitmately give up.  Harsh, perhaps, but the alarm industry is not a hobby and you don't have to try and figure out what works or how it's best to conduct business.  We know the answers already.  Others have tested the waters.  The All in One agreements will lay out how you should conduct business.  No signed contract - don't do the job.
    Yesterday I provided contact information for free OSHA evaluation from NYS Dept of Labor and provided the wrong email contact.  The correct name and email address is: Robert Francis at francis.bob@dol.gov or 518 457 2810.  This is for New York companies.  Not sure if there are similar programs in other states.
    My company is fixing to do a security system in a steel plant and will be there for every bit of a year.  While walking the project I saw danger around every corner.
    Can you suggest to me  how to go over OSHA safety requirements in safety meetings, and how often to go over these requirements?  Finally, do you have any paperwork my employees to need to sign for to prove they understand safety due to same?
Eddie Harden,CET 
Prestige Alarm and Specialty Product, Inc.
Trussville, Al
    Excellent concerns Ed, but a bit out of my area.  There are safety experts, risk management experts and maybe a free Dept of Labor program in Alabama.  I didn't see anything on the Alabama Dept of Labor web site.  Call the NY DOL and see if they know of other states participating in the free evaluation program.  Your concerns are well founded because, as I am sure you know, the employer is responsible for proper training and working conditions, and of course to carry workers comp insurance.
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