Comment on false alarm and cop shoots dog / comment on banned equipment
December 6, 2021

Comment on false alarm and cop shoots dog / comment on banned equipment
December 6, 2021
Comment on false alarm and cop shoots dog article on November 24, 2021
          It seems that you’re one of those folks who consider all pit bulls automatically dangerous. This breed has been maligned for years, thanks to a few crazy folks who choose to breed and train them to be aggressive “protection dogs,” and some hyperbolic press reports over the years. In my work I’ve encountered quite a few pit bulls, and have found all to be pretty laid back, friendly animals. The only two dogs who ever laid teeth on me on the job were a Chihuahua and a miniature poodle. I know cops who tell me that they treat all animals as “dangerous and aggressive” and consider shooting them preemptively to be standard procedure. Just to be on the safe side. I think its bad policing and really bad community relations. If dogs were really that much of a problem, you’d see UPS and USPS folks carrying guns, not dog biscuits.
Best regards,      
Dave Colter CEO
Northmark Security & Communications LLC

            Service animals are protected under the law. There is no special licensing for service animals, their presence may not be challenged, nor denied access to any building. Violations are heard in civil courts.
Should the family merely be grateful that their children were not shot dead as well, since the shooting of mentally ill dependents seems to be very popular right now.
            Ken, this post is "Trolling" behavior. If you can, please try to screen inflammatory remarks used to incite political anger amongst your readers.
            I wish I had the time to research and provide service animal documentation.
Prefer to remain,
other comment
            So you don't like pit bulls as service animals?
          I hoped to make the point that alarm dispatch sends cooperating police who haven’t been de-funded [they still have cars, vests and guns] and policing is dangerous business.  I guess I didn’t hide my reservations whether so many people need dogs for comfort and therapy [when I know that many people take advantage of this tolerance for the idea so they can take their animals on planes, in restaurants and other places they don’t belong] and even if there is justification for the therapeutic dog that maybe a pit bull wasn’t the best choice [just maybe there were other motivations in play]. 
          We live in a world where we classify things and people so that we can begin to formulate opinions.  That doesn’t mean that a final decision on something or someone isn’t or shouldn’t be based on individualism.  So yeah, I guess I sort of questioned why these people needed pit bull comfort dogs.  And maligned or not, I believe the legal system does find that some breeds are more inherently vicious or aggressive, such as pit bulls.  I happen to think poodles are among the worst and forget about Jack Russell Terriers.  But I agree you can find one of these breeds to be completely friendly and non-threatening, even to a cop in a strange yard at night.
          More importantly, and something that the Judge’s decision didn’t address and I didn’t mention, why were these dogs allowed to run free when the family knew they caused a false alarm, police were dispatched and actually arrived.  I think the cop was justified to shoot the dogs, no matter what breed.  The cop shouldn’t have to wait for the dog to attack, especially because whatever damage the cop inflicted to the dog while defending himself would have been considered excessive, unnecessary, unjustified and just compensation would surely be sought. 
           Cop should have had immunity, and if the customer with the two dogs tries to sue the alarm company for the dispatch that wasn't canceled I sure hope the alarm dealer and the central station have Kirschenbaum Contracts™ or those alarm subscriber's will be able to afford some real therapy, not just a dog.
comment on banned equipment from Nov 23, 2021
          Our phone and email service provider will block out of the country IP addresses. Not sure if his insurance company’s site was doing the same when he tried to log in from Mexico.
Jason Alcock
          Plenty of people coming here from Mexico lately.  I haven’t heard anyone complaining about their cell service.  I’m sure Biden would get right on that.

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