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Comment on Do insurance companies consider Fire Department direct monitoring less reliable / webinar registration
July 19, 2022
Announcing webinar on the Miami building collapse case presented by the fire alarm expert who installed and serviced the fire alarm and evac system.  If you do fire alarms you don’t want to miss this webinar.  Register today.
Webinar:  Champlain Towers South building collapse / alarm and security issues
When:  July 26, 2022  12PM  ET
Topic:  Hear from the fire alarm expert who serviced the fire alarm system and was intimately involved in the litigation involving Securitas Security.                 Some information that you should be aware of before the presentation:  Florida requires a voice evacuation system that provides speakers in every apartment so there can be floor by floor or building wide communication to evacuate.  This fire alarm system had that system and it was working.  Securitas provided security guards stationed at the building.  When the first fire alarm signal came into the security desk the guard did not determine the cause of the fire alarm or the zone, and did not utilize the evacuation system to alert residents.  Securitas has settled the Plaintiffs case paying over half of the almost one billion dollar settlement.  
Presented by:  Matt Haiman, Premier Alarm Systems – the fire alarm company for Champlain Towers South.  There will be ample opportunity for Q&A. 
Hosted by:  Ken Kirschenbaum,Esq
Who should attend:  Alarm owners installing and servicing fire alarm systems
Comment on Do insurance companies consider Fire Department direct monitoring less reliable from article on July 13, 2022
Ken    I think SG is wrong when he wrote:
          “The 2015 Building Code of New York State section 907.6.6 states that fire alarm systems shall be monitored by an approved supervising station in accordance with the NFPA 72 standard 2013 addition.   The new State Code is 2020 and uses NFPA 72 of 2016 which states the same.   Fire departments do not meet this requirement or even come close.    So technically direct fire department monitoring is not acceptable by the state code.”
          According to NFPA 72, the AHJ doesn't have to meet the same standard as a monitoring company would in order to provide remote monitoring services. If it is Central Station service, then the AHJ would need to meet the requirements. Since the AHJ is only monitoring (and not servicing) it's compliant. 
              Chapter 26 of NFPA 72 and NFPA 1225 both deal with remote monitoring (different than central station service). FYI, "central station service" includes monitoring, inspection and maintenance while "remote monitoring" is monitoring only.
          I know there were efforts to change the NFPA requirements for the AHJ but they were not accepted.  The fire alarm industry may want to consider addressing this issue in the future in a united way.

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