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Comment on CS offering to cancel signals within 30 seconds

February 7, 2024
Comment on CS offering to cancel signals within 30 seconds from article on February 3, 2024
          After being in this vocation 55+years, I have seen and experienced many things, including the following:
          Local health clinic: The guard’s vehicle had a dead battery and he was late that cold morning to open the clinic up.
The arriving nurse was accosted with the attacker breaking the glass front door and triggering the glass breakage sensor (foil – there, I just REALLY dated myself).
The promptness of my Central Station Dispatchers being able to receive the digital communicator signal and notify the Police resulted in the arriving officers stopping the attempted rape of the nurse.
(*made the newspapers on this one!)
          Local C-Store: The holdup person shot the manager and then called the Central Station in an attempt to cancel the holdup alarm that had been pressed (somehow he was aware of the manager’s action.
( The round penetrated the manager’s femur artery and he was rapidly bleeding to death.)
*The perpetrator had threatened to have the Central Station Dispatcher fired if she did not stop the dispatch of the Police – SORRY, NO PROPER ID, NO WAY!
Again, the promptness of my Central Station Dispatchers being able to receive the digital communicator signal and notify the Police resulted in the arriving officers able to render 1st aid and save a life!
          Local C-Store: I was called on the carpet by the Police Chief who’s detectives stated that if my Central Station had not been ‘asleep at the wheel’ his undercover officers could have quickly responded and arrested the holdup perpetrators.
If not for the computer records indicating receipt of the alarm data time to the 10th of a second and time the Police Dispatchers answering the phone, it would have been most embarrassing.
          Local C-Store: That night on the 6:00 news there was footage of our decal on the door of the C-Store that was followed by a shot of blood on the floor. The holdup suspect made the mistake of grabbing for the Police Officer’s gun and BANG! IT WENT OFF!
*That area of the city was very quiet for quite a while as he had been brutally pistol whipping other cashiers in the area!
          SO, the point is, every SECOND we delay on an ACTUAL signal getting into the Central Station is critical and the speed of our response can change a life.
          As an industry, we have gone from the ‘instant’ world of Direct Wire and reverse polarity (again dating myself) to digital communicators (dialing DOES take time to get into the receiver and dump the data) to speed of light radio and/or internet.
So, timing HAS improved in allowing the Central Station Dispatchers to react to an event, however, how many of us take the time to TRAIN our customers on proper use of their systems that elicit a response and the importance of reducing false and unwanted alarms?
          With my point being, fewer unwanted alarms = more available response time! FYI, Kansas City Missouri went from 5.0 false alarms per user to 0.5 after a LOT OF WORK by the alarm association with the KCMO PD Alarm Coordinator and KCMO won the FARA award that year for the City who reduced its false alarms the most! (*unfortunately, in this defund the Police atmosphere, the alarm coordinator’s office has just recently been eliminated and Cry Wolf was contracted with the City).
          *In an alarm class, the Alarm Coordinator tells the story of the lady in affluent neighborhood chastising the responding officer. She is in the driveway and holding a stop watch in her hand. DEMANDING TO KNOW WHY IT TOOK HIM SO LONG after she had purposely triggered her alarm to see the response time!
Later, it was explained to her about the other Officers that were nearby who were rendering aid to a crash victim and the officer who did respond (and took SO LONG) was coming from the furthest part of the City.
   Just my 2-cents!
Joseph Pfefer, President & Founder
Jade Alarm Co.
          Thank you for sharing your vast experience and wisdom

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