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Comment on CS becoming dumping ground / Comment on maglock
July 18 2023
Comment on CS becoming dumping ground from article on June 5, 2023
          REPLY “…the dumping ground..”, by Bart Didden;  6.5.23 K&K Newsletter;
          Thanks Bart… for doing a good job expressing the severe fragmentation of the industry, including third-party monitoring, all of which is the foundation for the loss of credibility with law enforcement…. aka the unsustainable false alarm problem that can dilute RMR markets.
          More history here: Third-party-monitoring started as a substitute for the “tape dialer” and “digital dialer”, which prompted the growth of hundreds of new Dealers (with my help) that adopted a successful local sales and installation business model. but in need of a source for personal remote monitoring, all of which was a substitute for the original end-to-end responsibility for RMR customers.  Today, the majority of the 30 million customers are monitored by 3rd party resources, thus they own the false alarm problem.
          We believe 3rd party monitoring will not need a substitute if they re-purpose their business model, fast.  Lead the trend, don’t fight it…. VR/Verified Response.  The local social and political pressures are already driving the trend across the US and Canada, which suggest we let private security be private security.  Minimal or no local legislation.  Apply the modified TMA Standard AVS-01-#3&4, with all fines/fees the responsibility of the monitoring source…. Request local police only for VR/Verified Response, and private sources for unknown deterrent alarm signals.  Key word… “re-purpose”.   Of course, customer disclosure with K&K guidance.
          Observations by: 
Lee Jones
Support Services Group
          I am not a fan of alarm permit fees or false alarm fines.  I especially don’t think it’s the responsibility of the alarm company, and if it becomes the alarm company responsibility I have no doubt that expense will promptly be passed on to the end user, as it should be.
          I believe police response is a governmental responsibility and should not be replaced by private security or private armies or gangs.  It’s unfortunate that some areas are so crime ridden that alarm companies are more than a necessity and certain life safety situations also depend primarily on alarm systems followed by First Responders and sometimes private response.  US society has learned to rely on alarm systems.  Whether private guard response takes over police response remains to be seen, but with political trends as they are its certainly a possibility.
Comment on Does maglock need fire alarm release from article on June 24, 2023
          If Fire alarm is activated, doors must allow free egress without any special knowledge. ie,. All doors must provide mechanical exit or unlock. 
          Most maglocks require mechanical panic bar that directly disconnects power to locks without any external control required. As primary method lock power is interrupted by Fire panel when in alarm. 
          Exit devices do not assure this happens, and exit buttons may not be noticed in heavy or irritant smoke. 
          Best general practice for Fire and building exit doors is that they always allow free egress mechanically without any electronics required. Period. 
Life Safety trumps all else.

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