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Comment on city requesting access to camera feed / Time to sell
November 10, 2022
Comment on city requesting access to camera feed from article on November 2, 2022
          This is a sales opportunity!
          I would tell my client that the city wants to become a tenant of the building and install their own camera to cover the intersection.  I would tell my client that they should create a rental agreement with the city that charges rent and states I am the only company authorized to install and maintain their equipment at the location and that the city needs to secure its own internet service.  Make the city a tenant of the building and subscriber of my company.
Scott Wagenseller, Founder and CEO
Gates Security
          That would be an interesting alternative to allowing access to the subscriber’s camera data.
Time to sell
          The time has come to get serious about what to do with my business.
          I’ve been running the company since I bought it long time ago and although I plan on living to 100 I am not planning on owning or running the company till then.
          We have been diligently making sure all of our K&K contracts are up to date and not on month to month renewals.
          Is there any other checklist that K&K offer that can recommend what else to put in place before I make a plan to solicit potential buyers?
          Thank you for years of your advice column.
Name withheld
          Before I suggest the best advice, unequivocally, I can direct you to several sources to assist you in getting your business positioned to sell.
          There are thousands of articles on the K&K website, which you can find here:
You can use the search feature to find articles on topic, in your case best positioning the company for sale and then selling the company.
          There are a lot of issues that come up on a sale of the alarm business.  You can get a head start on these issues by getting the Asset Purchase Agreement form which is one of the Standard Form Agreements on the K&K website; you can access it here:  [you’re looking for the Asset Purchase Agreement, Long Form].
          If you have a year to get your operation in order then you may want to join the Concierge Program and establish a closer professional relationship with K&K.  You will get 10% off on contracts, 10% off on billable legal fees, a free half hour contract negotiation each month and a free collection letter each month, among other benefits that are detailed here:
          The best advice however is that you engage K&K now to assist with your planned transition, the sale of the alarm business.  If I needed a fire alarm in my building and asked you what literature or advice you could provide so I could install the system myself I am sure you’d have the same advice for me as I have for you.  The sale of your company is not something you should be navigating yourself.  Since you need professional guidance you may as well get the best [at least best within your budget]. 
          What services can K&K provide?  Legal services, and likely at a rate well beyond what you can expect from experienced attorneys in the alarm industry.  Using an attorney not familiar with the alarm industry doesn’t make a lot of sense unless you think it’s OK for my HVAC technician relative to install my commercial fire alarm. 
           Need an idea what your alarm company is worth?  You can find out quickly and inexpensively here:
          You don’t have a buyer in mind?  K&K will find you a buyer, likely paying the most for alarm accounts, and the “finder’s fee” will be about 1/3 the cost of the traditional alarm brokers.  And, unlike the traditional alarm brokers you broker arrangement with K&K does not require exclusivity or any time period; it’s simple; if we bring you a buyer who you close with you pay one month RMR at the closing. 
          I do want to be fair to the alarm brokers.  K&K isn’t competing with them and won’t do what they do.  We either can find a buyer in a few weeks or we can’t. 
          So the best advice is engage K&K now, before you make promises you’ll be sorry about, or waste a lot of time or make a bad deal. 

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To order up to date Standard Form Alarm /  Security / Fire and related Agreements click here:
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