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Comment on central station webinars
November 11,  2023
Comment on central station webinars
            The K&K Webinar Series focused on sources for Third-Party/Wholesale Monitoring. They have been presented by recognized “leadership”.  Some of us are disappointed, but not surprised.
            We are disappointed because we thought this time frame was selected for the webinar series due to the major disruption of their space in the “RMR Market”.  The “major disruption” includes the overloaded 9-1-1 system combined with the reduction of police resources across North America, which has been producing slow-or-no police response for millions of private alarm systems, residential and commercial.  The webinar was an opportunity to communicate with their (1) direct customer ie Dealer contract, and their (2) indirect customer ie End-User alarm sites.
            Personally listened to the webinars but I did not influence or participate in the Q&A, because of my earlier correspondence.  Nothing meaningful was said about the three most serious issues impacting these parties.
  1.  Slow or no police response for deterrent type customers (over 15 Million).
  2.  False alarm fines/fees levied the source of monitoring (caller/perpetrator)… not the customer alarm-site.
  3.  Compatible resources available for on-time upgrades to avoid flood of attrition. Great Technology, but…?
            Detail and documentation available upon request.
Thanks again.
Lee Jones
cell: 949-233-9130

            Slow or not police response was the subject of a prior article but it didn't generate any response.  It appears that the industry does not perceive this as a pressing issue.
            The central station webinar series was an opportunity for central stations listed on The Alarm Exchange to highlight their services.  One recurring issue was operators working from home, which is perceived as an important issue by many in the alarm industry. 
            I suppose that it wouldn't matter where an operator was located if police and fire departments decided to ignore calls from central stations.  Luckily I don't see that happening because police and fire response is a recognized service expected from the government.  This country would need quite the upheaval for that to change.
            The central station 2023 webinars were recorded and can be viewed on the K&K website here:
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