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Comment on central station operations / webinar registration
October 23, 2021
Webinar - financing options - sign up today for 10/26 webinar
Title: Today's Financing Options in the Alarm Industry
When: October 26, 2021 12 PM Eastern Time
Topic: various options alarm dealers have today for obtaining financing such as traditional dealer programs, consumer finance, leasing companies, specialty lenders, and your local bank to name a few. There are financial and legal ramifications that dealers should know about when considering how to raise money to sustain or grow their company.
Presented by: Jim Wooster Jr., president of Alarm Financial Services Inc, and Ken Kirschenbaum,Esq.
Who should attend: owners, CFOs, managers
Register here:
Comment on central station operations from article on October 11, 2021
          RE: Bart D and Ken K comments October 11, 2021 Newsletter; One of the longest K&K Newsletters.  Some of us believe this newsletter was lots of self-serving dialogue with meaningless conclusions.  
          Current pricing for “third-party-contract-monitoring” may be priced about right, even overpriced considering the number of monitoring firms that do NOT meet expectations of the “customer-site”.  
          We now know “third-party monitoring” has been a major contributor to the destruction of the “public/private partnership”, and above average attrition, due to low or no credibility with law enforcement.  For example, new customer sites are quite often sold with expectation of police response; or private response, when requested by their monitoring source, but now unavailable in most municipalities across the country.  Even the SIAC Model Ordinance provide first responders an escape from the ord; and language in recent state legislation does not exempt third-party monitoring from fines/fees. Would be more meaningful to review “third-party monitoring”  from customer perspective and expectations, not the dealer “customer”, but the RMR “customer-site”.  We believe we are ending up with a robust market for “verification monitoring”, and diminishing market for “deterrent monitoring” that now belong to the DIY/MIY crowd.  As usual, investors will help to sort this market too. 
Lee Jones
Support Services Group
          I can’t agree with the above comments.  Why am I circulating it?  Because I don’t want to censor dialog, no matter how off the wall.  I am not sure where Lee’s comments are coming from unless he owns a guard company, and not one that responds to alarms because apparently he is just anti alarm, period.  Many statements made are unwarranted. Let’s look at them.
  *  monitoring is priced right, over-priced.  Only if you agree that professional monitoring is worse than useless.  The proposition is preposterous.  First responders could not function without the aid of the alarm industry
  *  monitoring contributed to “destruction of public/private partnership.  What does that even mean?  There is no partnership.  Police and fire response are governmental functions, tax payor funded. 
  *  police response is not available in most municipalities across the country.  I doubt that.  In fact I believe that most police and fire departments regularly and religiously dispatch when called by a professional monitoring center.
  *  what’s verification monitoring and deterrent monitoring?  I do know that alarm systems are designed as a means to detect certain activity and report signals for interpretation and action.  Many municipalities do require some form of verification of the signal to try and weed out false alarms, and there’s nothing wrong with that.  But no response is contrary to governmental responsibility and is likely only the case when response would be futile or resources insufficient.  But as I mention above, try policing or firefighting without alarms; municipalities would have to triple their current personnel, at least.
  *   as far as customer perspective and expectations, that should be managed by the alarm dealer and certainly is managed when the dealer presents the alarm contract which clearly defines the alarm system function as well as limits.  Expectation is detect, not prevent.  If there is problem with first responder response then take it up with them, not the alarm industry.
     I'm pretty sure Bart will have additional comments.

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