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Comment on alarm monitoring operations / webinar sign-up
November 3, 2021
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Comment on alarm monitoring operations from article on October 23, 2021
          Never will I pass up such an invitation to share my views of our industry whenever you offer it.
          Subject: Lee Jones, Support Services Group, October 23, 2021
          This comment might be one of my shortest, because I have dismissed forever what Lee Jones has had to say on his favorite issues of the alarm industry, alarm response, private response, fraud, misuse of public resources, the end of the public/private relationship, blah, blah, blah and more blah to the point that the spew has been reconstituted so many times that it is beyond any modern means of analysis, even if you used  “…a Hewlett-Packard 5710-A dual-column gas chromatograph with flame analyzation detectors."
          But I do have some questions for Lee Jones.
Who is “we”?
Where have “we” ever made a public presentation?
What is the stated business purpose of “Support Services Group”?
Was “Support Services Group” created for the one purpose “we” focuses on? And if there are others, what others?
Has “Support Services Group” done any in-depth studies? Published and real data to support in conclusions? Obtained any peer reviews that support those conclusions?
          Ken, I can go on and on, but to what end. Without Lee Jones (or Toto) pulling back the curtain so everyone can see either a well-informed group of professionals armed with real data, Lee Jones and Support Services Group is nothing more than this industry’s Frank Morgan who played the Wizard of Oz.
          Either way I see no credibility in his or their words.
Bart A. Didden
U.S.A. Central Station Alarm Corp.
Port Chester, NY
Milford, CT
St. Paul, MN
Pasco, WA
          Seems like there was a lot of discussion of false alarms and push back by the police responding to alarms, particularly if not permitted where required, but I haven’t seen much on the issue lately.  Civil disorder which began in earnest in 2016 may have over shadowed false alarms overwhelming police departments.  I think the police departments were overwhelmed enough and by 2021 policing, not only in cities, but many other places, became even more difficult.  The break-down is not between the alarm industry and police but our government and business and property owners. 
          I am convinced, and I don’t need statistics, that PD and FD needs the alarm industry.  Sure providing security and fire alarm services would be less essential if government decided not to provide police and fire services, or just couldn’t effectively, but that might also open an opportunity for the alarm industry to provide private guard and fire response services.  I doubt it is going to come to that. 
          The alarm industry should continue doing what it has been doing for decades now and the alarm industry’s reliance on PD and FD support will also continue to be dependable, current politics aside.  As long as there are PD and FD the alarm industry should be just fine.

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