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Comment on ADA Website compliance - legal shake down? / Specialty Contracts sale ends tomorrow

January 18, 2024
Comment on ADA Website compliance - legal shake down?  from article on January 5, 2024
          With regards to insurance coverage on the ADA website compliance issue, you may be able to find coverage under an Employment Practices Liability policy if you buy a stand-alone policy that includes Third Party Liability coverage.  Third-party employment practices liability coverage refers to a separate insuring agreement contained within employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) policies that covers liability claims brought by nonemployees (typically, customers, clients, and vendors) against employees of the insured organization.
          This isn’t a standard coverage as part of your Package Policy and would need to be bought separately.
Jeff Schulz, CIC, CRM
J. Krug
Insurance | Employee Benefits | Financial Services
Another comment
          Regarding your reader’s question to Jennifer about ADA Website compliance suits, yes they are a shakedown, but also yes that you have to take them seriously and get legal assistance to respond/combat them if you receive one. 
          We’ve heard quite a few of these stories, as I’m sure have many of your readers.  In fact, some may choose to share how they’ve dealt with what has been called legal extortion, and you may hear some entertaining stories of company counsel taking aggressive action to respond.  In California the previous iteration of this frivolous litigation were the lawsuits filed claiming someone with disabilities had attempted to enter a business and/or use its public restrooms, but encountered difficulties due to lack of ADA compliance.  Settlement was often offered at an amount slightly under what it would cost to defend the accusation.  The main attorney driving this crap was eventually busted for filing false tax returns, so karma is apparently an equal opportunist.  Who knows if a similar development will ever stem the tide of these latest ADA compliance suits for websites.
          One point of clarification on insurance’s role in addressing these suits: its most often NOT insurable under Cyber.  I ran this by one of my Cyber underwriters and here’s their reasons why Cyber would probably not cover an ADA Website compliance lawsuit:
  *  There’s no data breach or security failure alleged
  *  There’s no violation of a privacy law (it’s an anti-discrimination law, not privacy)
  *  Cyber policies generally exclude claims arising from discrimination
          A possible alternate source for coverage for this cause of action could be Employment Practices Liability (EPLI), IF the company carries it (it’s not a legally mandated coverage), and IF their EPL policy includes Third Party Coverage, which not all of them do since the first word in EPL is “Employment”, meaning this is a coverage primarily designed to address negligence of an Employer towards Employees.  So companies are well advised to check with their insurance broker to see if they have this coverage, and then to see if it has the appropriate 3rd Party Coverage to address discrimination towards outside parties.  And if it doesn’t, then decide if it’s worth the extra premium to switch to a policy that does cover it. 
          In this case, an ounce of prevention is worth an pound of cure, and spending a few dollars on having a compliance company review and/or fix your website so it’s certified as ADA compliant may be a less expensive and worthwhile alternative to fielding an ADA Website lawsuit.
Larry St John, CIC, CRM
Eclipse Marketing & Insurance Services
707.469.6776 x102

          This is really something you shouldn’t ignore. Class action law suits pop up all the time for ADA violations; K&K is defending a class action now.  Be sure to consult with your website developer to make sure you are ADA compliant.  Compliance will be cheaper than the insurance and much cheaper than defending a law suit.

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