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December 9,  2019
            Hi Ken do you have a Debt collection attorney kinda nationwide?  I have accounts building up here I need to pursue.   please help.  thanks
Name withheld
            I have a customer that has cancelled the attached 10 year lease. Can you help to collect?
Thank you
            I wanted to reach out to you and thank you for your help in creating our alarm, products, and services provided contract that you did 10 years ago!  Unfortunately, we had to take one of our customers to court yesterday over a past due balance. Due to the contract that you provided us, we won our case against the former customer and will now be able to collect the $45k that we are owed! 
            The judge specifically stated that had we not had this contract, we would not have won the case. Thanks again for your help, we greatly appreciate it!
Jillian Vaughn, Chief Financial Officer
Digital Sky®
Biddeford, ME
            When I first started practicing law in 1975 one of my first clients was a NYC based alarm company.  They had lots of collection cases and that’s what I started doing. The Metropolitan Burglar and Fire Alarm Association was just organizing in Queens, NY and I was asked to attend the meetings and become counsel.  In a less than a year I had 15 alarm companies that I was spending a good deal of time doing collection work.  That number continued to expand, even before the Internet.  After a year or so of collection work a subscriber served a counterclaim.  The insurance carrier [California Union Insurance Co was the premier carrier for the alarm industry in those days] hired me.  Within a year of that there were many cases and I was handling all the defense cases in NY for Cal Union.   
            Though my practice included litigation in different areas, real estate, commercial, probate, even personal injury and some medical and dental malpractice in those days, and I was appointed [and continue today] as a United States Bankruptcy Trustee, collection work for the alarm industry remained the foundation of my practice.  Not just collection work, but defense of cases, transactional work [buy-sell deals], licensing issues and of course alarm contracts [I wrote my first in 1979].  
            Fortunately alarm clients needed help beyond alarm company issues and K&K provides a full range of legal services for litigation, transactional, corporate, contracts and licensing.  
            The Internet changed things.  Kirschenbaum Contracts ™ are now used by the majority of alarm companies, and those that don’t use the forms have copied many provisions for incorporation into their agreements.  The Kirschenbaum Contracts ™ are the most recognized and accepted forms in the alarm industry.  Accepted by who?  Insurance companies, Monitoring Centers and potential buyers. 
            There is another important feature to the Kirschenbaum Contracts ™.  You need our contract for K&K to support you for collection work, no matter where you are located.  
            We wrote the contract.  Who better to enforce it for you?  I have personally trained every attorney and paralegal in the K&K alarm collection practice, and these are dedicated professionals who spend 90% of their time, some 100%, doing alarm collection cases.  
            So, the answer is yes, I can help you with your delinquent customers.  We can write a demand letter or we can commence collection proceedings.  Our staff is trained to try, in the first instance, to identify a subscriber who can be saved and reinstated as your customer.  But delay in prosecution is not something I tolerate and neither should you.  Our weekly status reports and weekly distribution of collected funds keep you up to date and involved in our collection efforts.  Our fees are 1/3 of collected funds and you pay the out of pocket expenses.  You can get information to get started with collections by calling Kathleen Lampert at 516 747 6700 x 319. Concierge Clients can call the Concierge Program Coordinator Stacy Spector, Esq 516 747 6700 x 304 to assist.  
            And Jillian, thanks so much for letting me know about your experience.  Sounds like it may be time to update your contracts since they are 10 years old.  

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