Nevada - TITLE 42. Protection From Fire; Explosives.

CHAPTER 477. State Fire Marshal.

477.033. License: Requirements; application; fee; hearing.

1. A license, issued by the state fire marshal, is required for:

(a) Maintenance, installation or sale of fire extinguishers, fire alarm systems or fire sprinkler systems.

(b) Use of explosives in any commercial construction, but not in mining or the control of avalanches.

(c) Commercial fireworks displays.

2. Applications for licenses must be made on a form prescribed by the state fire marshal.

3. The state fire marshal may conduct inspections, examinations or hearings before the issuance of licenses.

4. The state fire marshal may charge a reasonable fee, to be fixed by regulation, for the inspection and issuance of licenses.

5. If any person is denied a license by the state fire marshal, he is entitled to a hearing, upon request, before a hearing officer.