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Central Station responds to unhappy dealer issue / sign up for financial webinar
October 22, 2021
Webinar - financing options - sign up today for 10/26 webinar
Title: Today's Financing Options in the Alarm Industry
When: October 26, 2021 12 PM Eastern Time
Topic: various options alarm dealers have today for obtaining financing such as traditional dealer programs, consumer finance, leasing companies, specialty lenders, and your local bank to name a few. There are financial and legal ramifications that dealers should know about when considering how to raise money to sustain or grow their company.
Presented by: Jim Wooster Jr., president of Alarm Financial Services Inc, and Ken Kirschenbaum,Esq.
Who should attend: owners, CFOs, managers
Register here:
Central Station responds to unhappy dealer issue
          I’d like respond to your articles posted recently about Central Station transitional problems. We recently purchased a few wholesale monitoring companies and will continue to purchase wholesale monitoring companies as organizations make strategic decisions to exit the monitoring business.    
          The wholesale Monitoring companies we acquire truly value the well-being of their dealers, and it is important to them that they transition the monitoring services to a provider they know and trust. AvantGuard (AG) takes that trust very seriously with a commitment to making the transition go as smoothly as possible.  I wish I could say that every transition is perfect, but we all know dealing with technology nothing is 100% perfect.    
          One of the comments you received reference AvantGuard specifically.  We are very familiar with this dealer and his specific concerns – mostly around compatibility of automation platforms – and we are addressing those concerns directly with the applicable dealer.  It’s also important to note that some of the comments coming in are from competitors who wanted to publicly question AG’s ability to convert dealers to our centers.    
          In response, I would like to share an overview of our onboarding process and assure those dealers that have recently moved their accounts to AG that we will take great care of their team and their customers. When we acquire a wholesale monitoring company, the transition requires clear communications and focused attention on the part of all three involved parties:    
  *  The original monitoring service provider   
  *  The new monitoring service provider – AvantGuard Monitoring Centers  
  *  Each individual dealer      
          The role of the selling monitoring company cannot be understated. Communication to their dealers about their decision to exit the monitoring business, their reasons for selecting AG as their monitoring center of choice, and then the timely and accurate transition of account information to AG represent the foundational elements for a smooth transition.  In some acquisitions, this part of the equation goes extremely well, and in some instances, not so well.
          AvantGuard’s role in the transition is also significant. Initially we work in collaboration with the selling company to communicate the change to their dealers via email, direct mail, and by phone.  Once dealers have been notified of the acquisition, AvantGuard will send a series of sequential email messages to dealers including the following:   
  *  What they can expect from AG during the transition period   
  *  Getting to know AvantGuard along with answers to FAQs   
  *  Education and links to training videos about:   
  *  AG’s automation software (Stages)   
  *  Logging into and using AG’s dealer portal tools for adding and managing accounts online   
  *  Other AG apps and tools that are available to help dealers better serve their subscribers    
  *  How AG handles billing   
  *  Webinars and in person events to meet with dealers who are interested in a face-to-face conversation, or who have questions.  We highly recommend dealers attend these events.  
  *  Regular status updates on the transition     
          The final, and most important player for a successful transition is the DEALER. We recognize a monitoring service acquisition has a tremendous, unexpected impact on each dealer, and that it takes time and effort on the dealer’s part to keep up on the steady flow of communication and training.       
          We have learned from experience that some dealers, for various reasons, are difficult to reach – either we are given inaccurate contact info, or in some instances dealers are not keeping up on their email, direct mail, or even answering phone calls.  In such scenarios where a dealer doesn’t receive the essential communications in a timely manner, they fall behind in the process and become frustrated.  Add to that the unethical communications from other monitoring centers who intentionally prey on the transitioning dealers to create a sense of panic about the process, positioning themselves as the answer to all the dealer’s problems, adds to the dealer’s stress and uncertainty. We hope dealers don’t fall for that trap.                At AvantGuard we don’t hide the fact that a monitoring center acquisition is a complex process that requires active involvement from each impacted dealer. We are also very open about the fact that we are experienced with and proficient with dealer account transitions. AG has safely transitioned hundreds of dealers with tens of thousands of subscribers to our monitoring centers – dealers who have become happy partners and raving fans of our service and commitment to their success and the well-being of their customers.         
          We invite all new dealer partners of AvantGuard who have questions to please contact our dealer care department at 866-880-9591. Our friendly, expert staff is here to help make the transition go smoothly and help take each new dealer’s business to the next level. We also extend an invitation to visit our offices for a tour and to meet our executive team and the individuals they will be working with regularly. Come experience our culture firsthand and see what a reliable monitoring partner can and should look like.        
          When we say our mission is to save lives, protect property, and inspire peace of mind, we mean it. And we recognize that it all starts with a healthy onboarding process.         
Troy Iverson, Vice President, Sales and Marketing   
AvantGuard Monitoring Centers   

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