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Capitalize on your monitoring accounts without selling or compromising – unique opportunities  

February 2, 2024
Capitalize on your monitoring accounts without selling or compromising – unique opportunities
          To quote Buffalo Springfield, “There's somethin' happenin' here
But what it is ain't exactly clear …”  But as the dust is settling I am staring to focus on a clear trend and it’s essential that alarm dealers with monitoring accounts pay attention.
          The central station business is changing and it’s working to dealer benefits.  It started with acquisition of central stations by other central stations.  These multiples, which historically were well below the multiple paid for “retail” alarm RMR have crept up, almost closing the gap.  Of course what a central station sells to another central station is its dealers’ monitoring.  That does nothing for the dealers.   
          Dealers monitoring their own accounts are finally realizing that the cost of maintaining the central station is astronomical and likely dragging down the profits of the retail side of the business.  The arithmetic is simple:  compare cost of operating your own central station for yourself [and even some other dealers] compared to what you’d pay another central station to do the monitoring.  It’s not even close; you save a bundle.  And no, you don’t monitor as well as the national central stations because they have resources you don’t and, unlike you who has a retail side, central station operation is all they do. 
          In the past year K&K has represented, as counsel, and brokered 6 deals.  When you’re ready call me [and don’t wait for this buying frenzy to subside].
          But it’s time to expand the program.  It’s time that dealers were also able to cash in on this opportunity.  You can view it two ways, whichever suits your perception, but the dollars are the same.  You can sell your “monitoring” without selling your alarm accounts, or you can get heretofore unheard of incentives to move your accounts to a central station willing to “pay” for the opportunity to monitor your accounts.
          Incentives by central stations have been around forever, but typically looked like a couple of months free, free set up, or slightly reduced monitoring charges off the published rates.  This is something different; something far more significant.  It’s actually dollars in your pocket or long term discount until your incentive has been fully credited.
          If you’re interested in engaging K&K as your counsel and taking advantage of this opportunity, whether you’re operating your own central station or a dealer, contact me directly. or 516 747 6700 x 301

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