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Cameras with audio – Virtual Doorman and Escort Service / webinar registration
March 4, 2022
Webinar Schedule: See below for details and Registration
March 8, 2022.         Recruiting, hiring and retaining field talent
March 9, 2022          Insurance Broker contribution to Due Diligence in                                    acquisition transaction
Cameras with audio – Virtual Doorman and Escort Service  March 4, 2022
          We are seeing more and more cameras coming with either microphones, audio inputs, or both.
          When installing cameras with audio, what are the governing laws pertaining to audio recording in conjunction with Surveillance equipment?
 Thank you
          Combining surveillance with video and audio enables the central station operator [or subscriber if self-monitored] to both view and talk with whoever is on the premises.  Video and audio laws are a bit different though they are typically found close together.  On the K&K website under Alarm Law Issues we have posted the video and audio laws state by state [let me know if anything isn’t up to date please].
          Generally, you are permitted to sell and install video and audio devices; it’s the subscriber’s responsibility to use the devices lawfully.  If you are monitoring the system, which a central station might do, the central station does have to careful that the monitoring is lawful.  This can, for the most part, be ascertained with some level of common sense, but both installer and central station would be wise to be certain that a proper contract is in place with the subscriber, a Kirschenbaum Contract™ offering the most updated contractual protection available. 
          One Standard Form Agreement that was developed many years ago is gaining popularity.  This contract was not available on the K&K Contract Order form; it is now.  The VIRTUAL DOORMAN STANDARD SUPERVISORY VIDEO, AUDIO, AND ACCESS CONTROL, SALES, MONITORING & SERVICE AGREEMENT covers cameras with two way audio for access control and "escort" service throughout a building or property under surveillance.  The contract can be used for a single entry point, like the front door, or for multiple points of surveillance throughout a building or property, wherever you have cameras and audio devices installed.  The operator will be able to see and talk and listen to the person under surveillance, open the door and escort the person throughout the premises if the subscriber is paying for that service.  This service essentially replaces stand-around guards and doormen.

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Webinar Title:  Recruiting, hiring and retaining field talent
When:  March 8, 2022 12 PM ET
Topic Details:  Even before the pandemic, hiring and retaining field talent in the security industry was growing increasingly difficult.  This webinar will explore the best ways to find talent, prequalify them and develop enthusiasm to consider joining your team as well as how to quickly determine if a candidate’s psychomotor skills match their resume. Webinar will discuss skill matrixes and why they are valuable tools to incentivize and retain talent, help improve morale and promote consistent, transparent compensation.
Presenter:  Peter Goldring, SET, NICET #143428 Fire Alarm Systems, Level IV, ACFE Certified Fraud Examiner.  Peter M. Goldring Consulting LLC Phone  516-640-1410
Hosted by:  Ken Kirschenbaum,Esq.,
Who should attend:   Company owners, CEOs, CFOs, Manager, Human Resource Personnel
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Webinar Title:  Insurance Broker contribution to Due Diligence in acquisition transaction
When:  March 9, 2022 12 PM ET
Topic Details:  Due Diligence to varying degree is essential in an acquisition transaction.  Insurance considerations are best reviewed by an insurance expert.
Presenter:  Shawn Iverson, CIC The Insurance Center,  Ogden, UT   801-622-2626
Hosted by:  Ken Kirschenbaum,Esq.,
Who should attend:   Company owners, CEOs, CFOs, personnel involved in acquisitions
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