Title 35 Criminal Law and Procedure
Article 45 Offenses Against Public Health, Order and Decency
Chapter 4 Public Indecency - Prostitution

Burns Ind. Code Ann. § 35-45-4-5 (2007)

35-45-4-5. Voyeurism.

(a) A person:

(1) who:

(A) peeps; or

(B) goes upon the land of another with the intent to peep;

into an occupied dwelling of another person; or

(2) who peeps into an area where an occupant of the area reasonably can be expected to disrobe, including:

(A) restrooms;

(B) baths;

(C) showers; and

(D) dressing rooms;

without the consent of the other person, commits voyeurism, a Class B misdemeanor.

(b) However, the offense under subsection (a) is a Class D felony if:

(1) it is knowingly or intentionally committed by means of a camera, a video camera, or any other type of video recording device; or

(2) the person who commits the offense has a prior unrelated conviction:

(A) under this section; or

(B) in another jurisdiction, including a military court, for an offense that is substantially similar to an offense described in this section.

(c) "Peep" means any looking of a clandestine, surreptitious, prying, or secretive nature.