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Billing program to try / comment on multiples
January 29, 2020
Billing program to try
            I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your support - Biller Genie has been a big hit with Alarm Dealers that use QuickBooks and Xero to manage their invoices and RMR, so we’re working hard to make it even better!  We just launched a handful of new features for the new year, but the biggest benefit for Alarm Dealers is that we now have the ability to automatically send invoices and follow up reminders via Paper Mail.
            With this new feature, Biller Genie automatically prints, stuffs, posts, and mails paper invoices and reminders from QuickBooks - just like we do for emails.  The invoices and envelopes are fully branded with the Dealer’s letterhead. All they have to do is save the invoice like they normally would and we’ll handle everything else.  Not only does it ship them out faster, but it’s about a 90% reduction in cost vs processing invoices manually.  Think of us like a fully automated virtual AR assistant that works 24/7 to get your invoices paid faster and eliminate all the busy work at the same time.
            Biller Genie still has a free trial and now our subscribers can use their own merchant accounts (no more needing to switch to SkyBank). I want to invite everyone to setup a time for a free demo so they can learn how we can reduce the costs of manually processing invoices and help gain back 10 to 20 hours per week. 
            As always, the full resources of our office are available at your disposal.  
  Thanks again
Tom Aronica
Biller Genie 
Comment on multiples   
            I am always interested looking at the Valuations of RMR (That Most Valuable Recurring Monthly Revenue).   The Last 10 Transactions we have completed in the last 8 months have averaged about 37 times the RMR   Only 2 received the 40 times rate. 
            Many Banks are slowing down their Interest in completing loan transactions.  Some of the largest Buyers have lost their Borrowing abilities.  The Banks had been lending as much as 70% of the value of the RMR and now they are looking at lending 50% of the value of the accounts.
            I have a dozen ways I am getting Buyers higher RMR Prices. 
When a Life Safety Business adds “Alarm Verification” to their systems, the accounts are more valuable.  
When the operational – Integration side of the Business is more profitable, you can get more for the R.M,R
            I like to Sell An Alarm Security Company two times, I sell aggressively the RMR and then I go to work SELLING each “Profit Center”.  The Life Safety Industries collectively have about 50 Profit Centers, you can see a List on my Web Site  The average Alarm Security Business only uses about 8 to 12 of these “Profit Centers”.  I help Seller get a better Selling Price by focusing on additional Profit Centers that they are ready to add which makes their Business more Valuable.     
Dennis Riley  
Broker & “COACH” to the Life Safety Industries.
            Thanks for contributing your thoughts.

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