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Beware: More complaints about Managely Software and Services
August 14 2023
More complaints about Managely Software  from article on July 29, 2023
          I signed a contract with Managely Software too. Having had trouble with them in the past, I was a former user of Alarm Biller and left them due to similar issues we’ve seen at Managely. After several months of “on boarding” where they did nothing and we did all of the work I noticed that all of the promises they made about Managely were empty and all of the same problems we had at Alarm Biller existed at Managely too.
          I owed them lots of money for onboarding. They tried to collect once and I told them I wouldn’t pay until we were fully implemented. The day before we went live I emailed them and canceled the whole thing. It’s been two months and they haven’t tried to collect yet. Managely showed real promise. However, it’s a flop like Alarm Biller was.
John B
Another complaint
          We had also signed up Managely. Everything the first and second post stated is what we experienced. So much so that someone on my office staff asked if I wrote it.  We were marked to go live in May but we never got the answers we needed to complete the on boarding process.
          This was really the theme throughout. They push to go live but really never trained us about how all the pieces go together. I constantly brought it to multiple people's attention at Managely.
          They marked us live beginning of June but didn't have a useable product or adequate training. We were constantly left in limbo throughout the entire process.
          As of last week we still were not able to bill out our recurring monthly billing or create recurring work orders not to mention problems with the mobile app that kept us from at least using that part. Our only saving grace is that they never sent us an invoice (although I requested it twice) until we were about ready to throw in the towel. Then put us on credit hold about a week later. We have hundreds of hours into this project. 
          We have sent a certified letter canceling and are moving on. Is any of our lost time recoverable?  
          Does anyone have anything positive to say about Managely or Alarm Biller? 
          After reading the above I checked and was relieved to find that neither Managely nor Alarm Biller are listed on The Alarm Exchange. There are other companies listed there and you should check them out if you are looking for those services.
          As far as trying to recover money for wasted time and who knows what else I’d have to see the Managely contract, which likely excludes liability. Like the cost of the certified mail, probably money down the drain. Anyone signing up for the service at this point is surely on notice of what others have experienced and think about the Managely software and its customer service.  Again,  does anyone have a positive experience or something to say? 
          Managely hasn’t responded to the articles on this forum so they either don’t care or they have no real defense to the negative allegations expressed. 
          Unless Managely cleans up its act it seems that alternative services [listed on The Alarm Exchange in the Financial Category] should be considered.

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