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Are CS offering more services /  final cs webinar tomorrow
October 30, 2023
Are CS offering more services
          Since we're discussing contracted central stations got a question.
          Years ago there were central stations that offered dealers more broad coverage of services such as subscriber billing, insurance coverage for dealers, tech support, etc.
Many of the central stations today are no more than glorified answering services with minimal services.
          Can you point out any central stations today that offer more broad services for their dealers as outlined above (willing to pay more for the right one)!
Thank you,
Secure One
          We just heard from a bunch of central stations over the past two weeks and the final central station presentation is tomorrow.  You can still catch tomorrow live and you can watch all the webinars on the K&K website:
          Not all central stations webinars are posted yet, but they will be shortly.
          I have to take issue with your characterization of central stations as “glorified answering services”, and I am sure that all central stations would easily be able to tell you how the central station business and their services have evolved over the years.  No doubt many central stations started with a phone on a night stand or in the kitchen, but those days are long gone, along with the telephone dialer.  If that’s how your central station works and you’ve been too lazy to change central stations then shame on you. 
          Today’s modern central station offers complex highly secure services and most central stations do have a wide range of services.  If you don’t do video or audio monitoring then you don’t need a central station equipped with technology and operator man power to monitoring video and audio.  The problem is, your problem is, if you want to offer those services, video, audio or any other monitored service, and your central station doesn’t offer those services and you’re too lazy to move or establish a new relationship with another central station, then that’s on you, not the central station industry.
          Many central stations offer much more than monitoring; many offer technical assistance, billing services, financing, educational opportunities, meet and greet get-togethers and conventions, business advice and some [those that don’t mind my constant criticism] legal advice. 
          There’s a wide range of central stations listed on The Alarm Exchange; I’d start with those who were interested enough to participate in the K&K 2023 central station webinars. But all central stations listed on The Alarm Exchange should be responsive to dealer inquiries and issues [because those who aren’t shouldn’t keep their listing, and won’t if warranted].  I’d recommend staying clear of any central station that’s not on The Alarm Exchange and ask all the questions you need answers to before committing or staying; you may have outgrown your central station or your needs may have changed.  I do have a few tell-tale signs of central stations that aren’t doing a dealer any favors, and those are offering dealers monitoring contracts, insisting that dealers use the central station’s monitoring contracts, offering co-mingled lines as an only option, taking full control of dealer subscriber data without committing to sharing that data with the dealer and permit electronic copying, offering to do the billing and collecting with the money going to the central station, offering to cover insurance, offering insurance, accounting, licensing or legal advice.  That’s not to suggest that they limit themselves to “answering the phone”, but, as Dirty Harry observed, every man needs to know his limits. 

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central station webinars -FINAL WEBINAR TOMORROW
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          If you miss the live webinar, no worry.  It should be posted on the K&K Website for alarm webinars within a few days of the live presentation; go here to check:
Central Stations series: Why You Should Be Monitored By Our CS
Hear from the leading central stations and “Why you should be monitored by” that central station.  The topic of remote operator monitoring from outside the central station facility and the dynamics that issue presents is sure to come up. 
October 31, 2023 noon ET, Rapid Response Monitoring Center
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