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Another Reason You Need A Contract
May 19, 2009

A client recently called with the following story:  He is a radiologist who has been working out of an MRI center for over 10 years is being laid off because the   center was bought out.   He wanted to know if there was any basis for him to receive severance.  I asked  him whether he had a   contract.  His answer was no.  So, my answer to him was that he has no   contractual basis for severance pay.  His 12 years on the job very well may
result in no good will payment, most likely.  

The remedy that I did share with this physician is that he should ask the purchasing entity whether they will offer him severance if he is willing to   sign a restrictive covenant not to open up his own office in the area.  

The easiest way to avoid a situation like this is to make sure you have a written contract that defines the terms of your employment and termination.

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