TITLE 37 Hawaii Penal Code
CHAPTER 707 Offenses Against the Person
PART V. Sexual Offenses

HRS § 707-733 (2007)

§ 707-733. Sexual assault in the fourth degree.

(1) A person commits the offense of sexual assault in the fourth degree if:

(a) The person knowingly subjects another person to sexual contact by compulsion or causes another person to have sexual contact with the actor by compulsion;

(b) The person knowingly exposes the person's genitals to another person under circumstances in which the actor's conduct is likely to alarm the other person or put the other person in fear of bodily injury; or

(c) The person knowingly trespasses on property for the purpose of subjecting another person to surreptitious surveillance for the sexual gratification of the actor.

(2) Sexual assault in the fourth degree is a misdemeanor.

(3) Whenever a court sentences a defendant for an offense under this section, the court may order the defendant to submit to a pre-sentence mental and medical examination pursuant to section 706-603.

HISTORY: L 1986, c 314, pt of § 57; am L 1991, c 214, § 1