§ 629. Qualifications and Experience for Alarm Company Operators

An applicant for a license as an alarm company operator, or his or her manager, shall have had at least two years of experience as an alarm company agent or the equivalent thereof as determined by the chief. § 7599. Requirements for qualified manager certificate

Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, an applicant for a qualified manager certificate for an alarm company operator license shall:

(a) Have had at least two years' experience in alarm company work or the equivalent thereof as determined by the director. A year's experience shall consist of not less than 2,000 hours of actual compensated alarm company work performed by each applicant preceding the filing of an application. Applicants shall substantiate the claimed years and hours of qualifying experience and the exact details as to the character and nature thereof by written certifications from employers on forms prescribed by the director, subject to independent verification by the director as he or she may determine. In the event the applicant is unable to supply a written certification from an employer, the applicant may offer such other written certifications as may be properly considered by the director. In addition, applicants shall supply such evidence for consideration, as may be required by the director.

(b) Be at least 18 years of age.

(c) Complete and forward to the bureau an application for a qualifiedmanager certificate for an alarm company operator license, which shall be on a form prescribed by the director. The application shall be accompanied by two recent photographs of the applicant, measuring 11/4'' by 11/2 '', with a face size no greater than 1 by 11/4 '', and two classifiable sets of his or her fingerprints.

(d) Pass the required examination.

(e) Pay the required application and examination fees to the chief.