January 17, 2024
Hi Jennifer,

What trainings should I be rolling out for the new year?

Thank you, 
Dr. L


Yes! This email is overdue. Time to go over the New Year checklist. Answering for New York, and most surrounding states, It’s time for your annual sexual harassment training, and, I also recommend annual HIPAA training, which will include direction for your employees on how to handle protected health information and the safeguards we all must apply for our personal devices. In addition, it’s time to confirm we have ADA compliance for our websites, and that we have updated and compliant policies and procedures, including adherence with all state and Federal paid leave laws. It is also a good idea to review insurance coverages, and all employee status.  To reinforce, sharing also in list format - 

2024 quick checklist - 
  1. Annual Sexual Harassment Training (beware of free State materials which are Employee-centric - require employee acknowledgement and personal liability for non compliance)
  2. Annual HIPAA Training
  3. ADA website compliance
  4. Compliant policies and procedures, including for State and Federal paid leave laws
  5. Review insurance coverages (GL, EPLI, Cyber, D&O)
  6. Review employee status - benefits eligibility, pay status (exempt, non exempt, hourly, salary, full time, part time)

For our standardized training program options, check out our compliance order form page, and email me for any customized assistance.  Please feel free to email me directly.  We are also happy to take a quick look at policies and procedures on hand related to proper consent, HIPAA, and Employment Practices for compliance free of charge for newsletter members.