Idaho Code § 28-43-402 (2006)
§ 28-43-402. Buyer's right to cancel

(1) In addition to any right otherwise to revoke an offer, the buyer may cancel a home solicitation sale until midnight of the third business day after the day on which the buyer signs an agreement or offer to purchase which complies with this part 4.

(2) Cancellation occurs when the buyer gives written notice of cancellation to the seller at the address stated in the agreement or offer to purchase.

(3) Notice of cancellation, if given by mail, is given when it is properly addressed with postage prepaid and deposited in a mailbox.

(4) Notice of cancellation given by the buyer need not take a particular form and is sufficient if it indicates by any form of written expression the intention of the buyer not to be bound by the home solicitation sale.

Idaho Code § 28-43-403 (2006)
§ 28-43-403. Form of agreement or offer -- Statement of buyer's rights

(1) In a home solicitation sale, the seller shall present to the buyer and obtain his signature to a written agreement or offer to purchase that designates as the date of the transaction the date on which the buyer actually signs, and contains a statement of the buyer's rights that complies with subsection (2) of this section. A copy of any writing required by this subsection to be signed by the buyer, completed at least as to the date of the transaction and the name and mailing address of the seller, shall be given to the buyer at the time he signs the writing.

(2) The statement shall either:

(a) Comply with any notice of cancellation or similar requirement of any trade regulation rule of the Federal Trade Commission which by its terms applies to the home solicitation sale; or

(b) Appear under the conspicuous caption: "BUYER'S RIGHT TO CANCEL," and
read as follows: "If you decide you do not want the goods or services, you may
cancel this agreement by mailing a notice to the seller. The notice must say
that you do not want the goods or services and must be mailed before midnight
of the third business day after you sign this agreement. The notice must be
mailed to: ."

(insert name and mailing address of seller)

(3) Until the seller has complied with this section, the buyer may cancel the home solicitation sale by notifying the seller in any manner and by any means of his intention to cancel.

Idaho Code § 28-43-404 (2006)
§ 28-43-404. Restoration of down payment

(1) Within ten (10) days after a notice of cancellation has been received by the seller or an offer to purchase has been otherwise revoked, the seller shall tender to the buyer any payments made by the buyer, any note or other evidence of indebtedness, and any goods traded in. A provision permitting the seller to keep all or any part of any goods traded in, payment, note or evidence of indebtedness is in violation of this section and unenforceable.

(2) If the down payment includes goods traded in, the goods shall be tendered in substantially as good condition as when received by the seller. If the seller fails to tender the goods as provided by this section, the buyer may elect to recover an amount equal to the trade-in allowance stated in the agreement.

(3) Until the seller has complied with the obligations imposed by this section, the buyer may retain possession of goods delivered to him by the seller and has a lien on the goods in his possession or control for any recovery to which he is entitled.