A recent article in one of the trade communications was referred to me esteemed Editor in Chief Scott Goldfine [Security Sales and Integration Magazine] reporting that a home owner subscriber paid for several years for moniotring to Comcast.  They routinely set their alarm.  After suffering a break in they learned that the system's communication had not been working for years.  The subscriber demanded $3000 refund, which is what they paid for monitoring the system while it was not funcitioning.  Comcast offered $20 credit.  Somehow the story made the local TV news channel and only then did Comcast agree that it will offer a full refund.
    This is not as uncommon as you may think.  I had a defense case where the alarm company collected monitoring charges to monitor a fire alarm system.  After 3 years, and a fire, it was discovered that the building never had a telephone line and of course never had a monitored system.  Not only had the alarm company collected the monitoring charges but it paid the central station for 3 years. Case got dropped when I pointed out that it was the subscriber's obligation to provide a communication pathway.
    The Standard Form Contracts impose various obligations on the subscriber.  Included in those duties are the duty to test the operation of the alarm system, provide communication pathways and call for service when necessary.  What if the subscriber allows the system to remain non operational, would that void the obligation to pay for the monitoring charges?  Do you still have to make your car lease payment if your licensed gets revoked?  [answer is yes].  Would you still have to pay for your 20 session piano lessons if you break your hand?  [probably not and definitely not in some jurisdictions].  How about if a problem with the alarm system is not covered by the all inclusive Service Contract, such as a dog eatting through a wire or sensor, and the subscriber refuses to fix it; do you think the subscriber can be held to the payments still required by the Service Contract, or the service part of the All in One?  [yes, I think so].  
    So some might say there's something wrong with Money for Nothing.  Anyway, this is the alarm industry, so the Chicks aren't free too.
    Thanks for the story line Scott.


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Topic:  Review of recent updates to the All in One alarm contracts
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Presented by: Ken Kirschenbaum, Esq.
Who should attend:  Alarm Company owners and those responsible for contracts.
Description:  The All in One contract forms which were introduced in 2013 have undergone changes.  The specific changes and reason for the changes will be discussed, questions and comments addressed.  The forms include the Residential All in One, Commercial All in One and the Commercial Fire All in One.  Those companies who are using the All in One alarm contracts and those considering using these forms should attend.  

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