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Wondering how much your alarm company is worth?

Now you can get a quick reliable analysis!

Kirschenbaum & Kirschenbaum, P.C. offers four different levels of evaluation and services, see below.
To find out what your alarm company is worth select the level of review you would like based on how much detail you would like to receive in your analysis. While we do not offer any guarantees, we do attempt to provide you with the results of what your alarm company is worth within 24-48 hours of receipt of your order.

Be advised that your company data and the evaluation is strictly confidential and only the email address you provide us will be provided with the results of our analysis.

Level One - Basic Evaluation - Cost: $80.00

Receive an email evaluation giving you a range of value for your alarm business.  Be advised that for an explanation as to how we arrive at our estimate of value, you must request an Evaluation & Basic Report below.

Level Two - Evaluation & Basic Report - Cost: $350.00

Receive an email evaluation and basic report giving you a range of value and an explanation of how we arrived at that value. The Evaluation & Basic Report received may include information enabling you to increase valuation by taking recommended action.

Level Three - Comprehensive Report - Cost: $950.00

Discuss on a telephone conference with an alarm industry expert the information provided in your business Questionnaire, as well as other information and data that we believe helpful in performing our evaluation. This level of report will include a range of value, our explanation how we arrived at that value, recommendations on how to increase that value, other recommendations that we believe will be advantageous if you are positioning your business for sale, evaluating a business you are considering buying, or preparing to deal with financial lenders.

Level Four - Retention of our Security Industry
Acquisition Group - Cost: Varies

Looking for assistance with:
» Obtaining an assessment of overall operations to see, what, if any, issues there might be in preparing your business for a sale.
» Obtaining a review of overall operational programs in place, and adequacy of financial reporting systems, including review of customer contracts, review of any third party monitoring agreements, RMR mix (residential, commercial, fire, service contracts national accounts etc.); insurance coverage, claims history, licensing, attrition rate, re-sign program, tracking of sales personnel performance, and employee benefits programs.
» Positioning your company for sale or assisting with your purchase of an alarm company or its assets. This includes license compliance, business records and contract review.
» Providing up to date contracts.
» Assisting getting required licenses
» Negotiating with your business broker on your behalf
» Assisting you structure your exit strategy, whether through transition in ownership or sale
» Assisting with the negotiations for your sale or purchase
» Evaluating a potential purchase
» Representing you in the sale or disposition of your company

Fees are negotiated based on the firm's customary rates for professional services.