As a practice our goal is to provide the finest legal insight within our areas of expertise while providing a full suite of services to meet every legal need of our clients. It is our goal to become indispensable to your business. We want to be seen as a partner, protecting you at every legal turn so you can focus on the growth and prosperity on your business -trusting that we have your best interests at heart. We have built a team of lawyers capable of addressing any legal challenge, in both your professional and personal life.


For more than forty years K&K has earned the trust of clients across the United States and Canada. We are widely recognized as the leading firm in the area of alarm and security law. Kenneth Kirschenbaum started the practice in 1977 and quickly established a national reputation in the alarm law arena. Our legacy and reputation was cemented when Ken's Father - Samuel joined the firm after retiring as the lead litigation partner at Dreyer and Traub, bringing his exceptional title insurance litigation experience and renowned reputation and quickly established a real estate litigation practice at the firm. Continuing the family tradition, Jennifer Kirschenbaum launched K&K's Healthcare practice in 2008 and the firm now represents thousands of practitioners, in all areas of practice, including Private Equity platform initiatives. Built on a cornerstone of tradition and excellence, K&K has built a legal team devoted to serving the interests of our clients and protecting them in every facet of their lives