Follow up comments to labor and employment law issues of interest to alarm industry from October 16, 2013 article



Judge Kraft is right on target with her advice on how to handle the difficult task of informing employees that they have fallen short in performance, communications or interactive skills both internally and externally.  After years in Government in a union environment the middle of the sentence in point 4 stands out.


I understand her intent in the sentence to mean PAY ATTENTION and don't stray, however as an informational piece it could have been said differently, leaving no possibility of imaginative interpretation on the part of the employee. (Although Her Honor has clarified it in the last sentence of the item.)

For Example:

 Employ active listening skills and show that you are listening to the employee and giving your full attention.

Keep eye contact and do not fiddle with items on your desk. Paraphrase what the employee has said and gain consensus. (Such as the employee saying YES THAT IS WHAT I MEANT or NO THAT'S NOT IT.)

This is a critical point in the employee/employer relationship because this may be the first critical step in the progressive discipline process and possible termination.

Just my two cents from the gallery..

Joel Kent



One suggestion seems to be missing, much easier to deal with disciplinary issues if you not only have an employee handbook to give guidance, but also a formal written progressive disciplinary policy (which should be part of the handbook) with the appropriate forms, including signature lines for the person counseling and the one being counseled- presume we would be glad to put such a policy/form package together

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comment on advertising on vehicles from October 15, 2013 article



To assist with the inquiry regarding advertising on vehicles, we have had advertising on all company vehicles for over 40 years and very pleased with the generated leads. Signage should be professionally designed, in good taste. We also instruct employees to park at most advantageous points when on appointments or at lunch for maximum exposure. Photos available if they wish. Keep up the good work, enjoy your input. Brien Welwood Alliance Security Cambridge, Canada. 


Question on monitoring fines / Employee handbook / evaluation forms 



Clients of late have been getting tickets for police dispatched whether it be false alarm of the client doesn’t not answer the phone and they are dispatched..  A few of them have deducted the cost of the ticket off there invoice.  Is there anything that address’s this in the monitoring contract?  What should we tell the client?

On another note, what is the cost of the Employee hand book?  Do you have a standard we go by?  Also do you have the evaluation forms as well?




All of the standard form contracts make it clear that fines are the responsibility of the subscriber, not the alarm company.  It's your job to enforce that provision and insist that your subscriber pay the fine.  If a subscriber deducts the fine from your bill then the payment will be short and the subscriber in default.  Again, it's up to you to enforce the terms of your contract.  Don't get into bad habit of not enforcing the contract terms.

Handbooks and evaluation forms are prepared by our Employment and Labor Department.  Give Judge Ruth Kraft a call or send her email.  Handbooks often require customization to suit needs of the client.  Ruth's number is 516 747 6700 x 326 or RKraft@KirschenbaumEsq.com




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