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comments on will mfg go into cs biz / can anyone demand camera data / Fire alarm termination and notice to AHJ
March 14, 2018
comments on will mfg go into cs biz from March 1 2018 article
    Oh you spoiled city boys with many choices of service providers.
    Out here in rural America we have to rely on there first, being a cell signal before we can install a cellular communicator. Many times, pots is the only form of communication for a large grain operation.  They have POTS but are too far for DSL.  We have installed cellular repeaters (Zboost) to get the cell signals we need.  The improved cell signal comes much to the delight of the employees suffering from quick battery drain, slow internet and dropped calls but is the cell booster now just as important as the fire rated cellular communicator attached to the alarm?
    For IP this would this not also hold true for the Walmart grade router a customer might have?  We have a Dr's office that has a server that handles the DNS.  If the server is down, they have no internet.
Is this server compliant?   I'd say yes but only if there is a redundant form of communication....such as boring old POTS.
Ron Best
cei alarm systems
Connersville, Indiana
    Manufactures are unlikely to enter the central station business in the traditional sense.  Alarm product mfgs. are already walking a fine line between services they sell though alarm dealers and centrals stations and services they bundle with products they sell through retail channels and mass marketers.  From the software development requests I have been getting, there is a clear path to how the industry will be changing.
     The big challenge for the security industry will be coming from companies like Apple, Google, and Amazon.  As programs like ASAP to PSAP become widely accepted these heavyweights will be able to totally automate central station response and revolutionize what a security system is.  Drop in a few Echos, Dots or Home mini's and the homeowner has a full security system.  The fully automating dispatch process will  utilize enhanced alarm verification with audio and video, through apps, will meet and exceed Enhanced Call Verification requirements.  Monitoring services will be provided at extraordinarily low rates for basic services.
    Today's central stations are all about alarm dispatch and security, the alarm systems and CS services coming are all about the data and driving other services to the provider. The same system will monitor security, the home environment including monitoring of the operation of appliances and home systems. Not only monitoring, but using the data to control and automatically take advantage of non peak utility billing, and making purchases through the service.  Collecting and selling the analytical data about the users habits will be the huge revenue generator.
    There are those that will say that's not a security system or my customers will never buy that.  Those are the same words uttered when 2 doors, 1 motion, and a keypad for $29.95 per mo. first hit the market.  The Millennial purchasing homes and security systems today live their lives on Social Media and don't have the same concerns about personal privacy as previous generations.  They accept the loss of privacy in exchange for Faster, Newer, and Cheaper. 
Mark Fischer

can anyone demand camera data
    I installed cameras for a customer in front of their building which also covers the sidewalk and street.  There was a fight between two people outside of the property.  One of the parties involved in the fight would like the video which he will obviously post on social media to berate the other person. My customer does not want to give over the recording; he does not want to be part of this. 
    The guy who wants the video claims he has a legal right to obtain this recording.  Are there any laws regarding this subject? This is a private property.
Phil Gershbaum 
PG Security inc 


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