§ 501.025. Home solicitation sale; buyer's right to cancel

In addition to any other right to revoke an offer, the buyer has the right to cancel a home solicitation sale until midnight of the third business day after the day on which the buyer signs an agreement or offer to purchase. Cancellation is evidenced by the buyer giving written notice of cancellation in person, by telegram, or by mail to the seller at the address stated in the agreement or offer to purchase. The written notice of cancellation given by mail shall be effective upon postmarking. The notice of cancellation need not take a particular form and is sufficient if it indicates by any form of written expression the intention of the buyer not to be bound by the home solicitation sale. Notice of a buyer's right to cancel must appear on every note or other evidence of indebtedness given pursuant to any home solicitation sale. For the purposes of this section, unless a mortgage also creates the buyer's promise to pay the secured debt, it is not an evidence of indebtedness.