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Why you should use our central station
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Question:  Residential contract converted to digital
    I believe I’m going to purchase your resi contract to convert to digital but I wanted to clarify a couple things.
    Our business is primarily in Texas.  How does a digital contract handle the 3 day right of cancel.  Is this built into the contract?  My understanding is that by law a company is required to give the customer 2 copies of a cancellation letter.  How is this handled when you are only working with digital?
    As a smaller company with limited budget how do the residential and commercial agreements differ?  Our company generally handles only smaller commercial with no fire, what would the commercial All in One cover that the residential would not?
    Does the all in one cover the newer technologies such as remote access, automation, etc?
 Thank you for your time.
Robert Motsinger
Alpha Wolf Technology and Security, LLC
    Consumer laws have not kept pace with the digital age, so I am not aware of any existing laws that permit the 3 day notice of cancellation to be provided electronically.  If the subscriber is signing up on line then it's not an issue because the 3 day notice is most likely not required, unless the sales person is sitting in the house when the subscriber goes on line to sign.  However, I think that electronic signup by the consumer will be treated as if the signing was done through the mail.  While it may be prudent to include the 3 day notice of cancellation form even with a mail order contract it's probably not necessary.  Prudent because a potential buyer of your contracts may want to see that you've used the notice.
    The Residential All in One contains required consumer provisions, customized state by state.  While the Commercial All in One is also customized state by state there are far fewer provisions that are required.  Both contain the most up to date protective provisions and most common provisions that should be included in a proper alarm agreement, whether it's commercial or residential.  The two contracts are similar.  If you're on a tight budget then get the Residential form and use it for both residential and commercial.  But if you want to do it right, get the two separate forms.  I am certain you will see the value in having both.  Both residential and commercial agreements are up to date as far as today's technology and services.
    I have a New York customer who we have a monitored security system in the summer home they own. I just found out that they rented out the home for one year. The client wants the bills to stay the same and she states she is the contracted customer. The tenant was given the user codes as well as a password from the owner who would like me to change the call list in case of an activation to the tenants info. Any liability in leaving things in the home owners name and granting her request? The invoices will still be in the home owners names and sent to her main address. Thanks in advance.
D.P.S. Inc.
    Site used to be my sister. She sold system to her landlord who wants the apartment monitored for fire and carbon monoxide. He now has three single people renting that apartment. Should I have all four parties sign a monitoring agreement?
Paul Welte, President
Welte Electronic Systems, llc
    The Residential All in One should be signed by the property owner, in this case landlord, and the tenants, all of them.  Whoever is paying for the services will have a contract with the dollars filled in.  The tenants will have a contract that states that payment is being made by landlord but that services can be canceled if there is non payment.
    By asking the question I am guessing that you know the answer.  Each person either paying for the services or deriving the benefit of the services should sign an agreement that includes all of the protective provisions the Residential All in One contains.  This is especially so when the tenants are not only deriving the benefit, they are actually the party with whom you are dealing.  They are the one giving you the passcodes, calling for service and using the system on a daily basis.  You will owe them a duty of reasonable care in your performance and you want your performance and your liability carely defined in your alarm agreement.


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                                             The Central Station Series
                                         Why you should use our central station
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                                             The Central Station Series
                                      Why you should use our central station
Each Webinar will cover:
territory covered by cs 
types of alarms cs equipped to handle or specializes in 
description of cs facilities and equipment; redundancy of more than one location 
general policies on handling alarms 
what makes your cs stand apart from others 
pricing - why your cs charges what it does and special deals if any 
contracts the cs requires
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October 23, 2014 - USA Central Station https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/1676699519071453697
October 28, 2014  - SentryNet 
October 29, 2014 – Rapid Response Monitoring https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/4898797453548148993
October 30, 2012 – COPS Monitoring https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/6318369219588363265

November 5, 2014 – Metrodial           https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/5743009078427617281
November 6, 2014 - United Central Control   https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/2612275062661797378
November 12, 2014 -   Statewide Monitoring https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/339270067719231489
November 13, 2014 - Centra-Larm Monitoring https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/3930780819384477185


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