Provided by:  Jennifer Kirschenbaum, Esq. 
May 20, 2014


I am renting space at an office but the Landlord there seems difficult.  Is it a big deal if I do not have a sign outside?

Dr. I


Well, depends if someone notices, and who that "someone" is!  Each state has different requirements for their licensees, and NY as an example, requires that each licensee "postconspicuously at the site of their practice the name AND licensure field of all the principal professional licensees engaged in the practice at that site (i.e., principal partners, officers or principal shareholders)".    See NY Education Law s. 6530(39).  So, if you are operating at a location that does not carry your licensure - possibly advertising on the internet or in print you are at this location, and you do not have proper signage indicating same, you will exposing yourself to potential licensure exposure - meaning, in NY, you could be hearing from the Office of Professional Medical Conduct or Office of Professional Discipline.  

If the Landlord gives you a hard time, it sometimes helps to point them towards a legal requirement...  If you need a letter from counsel or a lawyer to lawyer conversation, let us know.  

Also, just a note - if you are renting from another practitioner, make sure you have a proper agreement in place documenting fees, etc. so as to ensure you are not in violation of the Anti-Kickback Statute or other applicable laws.  

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