July 14, 2015


I received a letter from the Attorney General of NY saying I may be conducting my practice using Deceptive Trade Practices because of my website, something to do with disclosing my participating status.  What is this?

I am very concerned! 

Dr. G

Yes, I've seen this.  This letter has been circulating for a week or so now (as far as I have seen) and it is the Health Care Bureau of the NY AG's office reviewing compliance with the new Surprise Bill law.  The What?  You read correctly - the Surprise Bill law.  The new law that was passed and effective this past spring, which requires each practice to make certain public disclosures to all patients - including participation status (with specifics including what plans).  

Contact me for representation in your response to the AG.  Rule Number 1:  DO NOT ENGAGE WITH A GOVERNMENT AGENCY ON YOUR OWN BEHALF. 

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